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Summer Express 2015 – Summer Camp for Kids by Ranga Shankara

February 28, 2015

Summer Express 2015

Ranga Shankara’s Summer Camp for Kids
6th April to 1st May 2015


The Magic of Shadow Puppets
Anurupa Roy | Shadow Puppet |7 to 9 years |April 6 – 10, 2015 |10 AM to 12 Noon |Rs 3,000
One of India’s finest modern puppeteers will teach the magic of shadow puppetry; the science and the craft of it. Shadow puppetry traces its lineage to ancient times where flat figures were held between a light source and a screen and used to tell fascinating stories. An art form in Asia, watch Anurupa Roy light up characters and bring them to life.

Small is beautiful
Anurupa Roy | Miniature Theatre |10 – 12 years |April 6 – 10, 2015 |2 PM – 4 PM |Rs 3,000
Theatre may be larger than life but it can also fit into a tiny old shoe box. Learn how to make your own play and characters within a portable small theatre. Carry your miniature soap box around and tell your stories to anyone, anywhere.

Theatre Treasure
Padmavathi Rao | Theatre |7-9 years |April 6 – 10, 2015 |8:30 AM – 10:30AM |Rs 3,000
There is a treasure to be found. It is a treasure often unseen and waits to be discovered. The cask holds treasures untold and the finder is on the on the path that leads to it but the seeker is yet to find all that is hidden.
This workshop is about giving a voice to all that is explored and discovered or rediscovered through theatre. It aims at giving expression to what matters to the child. In the process the child finds the interplay of creative processes of theatre, through improvisation, individual expression and group work. The theme of the workshop is about valuing what one has and treasuring it. The children will in the process of delving into the treasure chest of theatre find tangible and intangible but precious ways of expressing oneself and finding the treasure within and without.

Role It In
Padmavathi Rao |Theatre |10-12 years |April 6 – 10, 2015 |11 AM to 1 PM |Rs 3,000
Who are my role models? What is the model of my own role and that of others? What can I add to my role? These are the questions that propel this workshop.
The workshop takes children on an explorative journey through roles played by oneself and others. It aims at finding ways of making the roles we play more meaningful. It is about finding role models and giving shape to the role model within. Theatrical processes of observing oneself and the other to create a path to and articulation, expression and action mark this journey to ‘Role it In’

Your story, your play
Anuja Gholskar |Documentary Theatre|10 – 12 years|April 6 – 10, 2015|2 PM – 4 PM |Rs 2,500
Truth is stranger than fiction, and never more so than in the theatre. Create your own play with anecdotes, experiences, stories and information from the people and places around you. Every child has a play in them, watch it come alive.

Fire In The Belly
Anju Sudarshan | Cooking |12 – 15 years |April 7 – 9, 2015 |11 AM – 1 PM |Rs 1,500
Wondering what’s in your lunch box? How about something you rustled up yourself? Learn how to make creative, nourishing and delicious food that will get everyone drooling. In fact, go ahead and craft your own recipe!

Magic of Movement
Sujay Saple | Movement |7 – 9 years |April 13 – 17, 2015 |10 AM – 12 Noon |Rs 3,000
Push your body and yourself and discover exactly what you’re capable of. The human body is a fantastic machine capable of presenting innumerable permutations in physical movements and emotions. Find some of your own and learn how to break your limitations and explore your possibilities.

Movement in Poetry
Sujay Saple | Movement and poetry |13 – 15 years |April 13 – 17, 2015 |2 PM – 4 PM |Rs 3,000
Can words really move mountains? Find out as you lead your body into expressing the subtleties of poetry. Breathe movement into still words and watch them jump off the pages.

Magic | Giridhar Kamath |7 – 9 years |April 13 – 17, 2015 |11 AM – 1 PM |Rs 1,500
Behind every trick of magic is a little secret that no one tells you. Want to know how rabbits come out of hats? And scarves turn into flowers? Be an insider and master the secrets of this trade in this workshop for beginners.

Click Away
Pee Vee |Photography |10 – 12 years |April 13 – 17, 2015 |2 PM – 4 PM |Rs 3,000
Pick up a camera and click, simple. Right? Wrong. Learn what it takes to make a good picture, about the principle behind photography, the aesthetics of framing, color, light, texture and more. Cultivate a keen eye and a creative bend for capturing the world around you.

Once upon a Time, not really
Ameen Haq | Story Telling |10 – 12 years |April 20 – 22, 2015 |10 AM – 12 Noon |Rs 2,000
Give free reign to your imagination and let the narrative take you where it will! Imagine the unimaginable and create the impossible; anything goes in a story.

Tuning Up
Smitha Bellur |Music |10 – 12 years |April 20 – 24, 2015 |3 PM – 4 PM |Rs 3,000
Do you have a musical genius inside you? Or do you simply want to develop an ear for music? Learn different kinds of music sounds and exercise those vocal cords with simple chants in the company of your friends. Who know, you might just find your future band mates here!

Fooling Around
Puj Sarup |Clowning |7 – 9 years |April 20 – 24, 2015 |10 AM – 12 Noon |Rs 3,000
Behind the tall hats, big shoes and funny faces, clowning is serious business! Find out if you have it in you to be a clown with this fun journey behind the face paint of the circus’ most lovable figure.

Finding Characters
Puja Sarup |Acting |10 – 12 years |April 20 – 24, 2015 |2 PM – 4 PM | Rs 3,000
Learn to observe people around you, understand their nature and way of being, and mimic their body language. Do you have what it takes to be a good artiste? Find out as you recreate familiar figures from your daily life.

Put on the Mask
Sreedhramurthy|Mask Making|10 – 12 years|April 27–May 1, 2015|10 AM-12 Noon|Rs 3,000
Whether to hide your feelings or better express what you have to say, masks can be used in a variety of ways to give wings to emotions. Learn how to make various kinds of masks and, more importantly, how to use them.

How Things Work
Yashodeep | Science and Toys |10- 12 years |April 27 – May 1, 2015 |2 PM to 4 PM |Rs 3,000
What makes something move, fly or jump? Get behind the scenes of what makes our world tick and learn the science behind how things work.

Making Performance
Mallika Prasad| Scene Making|7 – 9 years|April 27–May 1, 2015|10 AM to 12 Noon |Rs 3,000
Own the stage and craft your own production. Take incident from your life or imagination, improvise them and dramatize them. Do you have a budding theatre artiste in you? Let’s find out!

Registrations from 5th March, between 11am to 5pm

1. Proof of age mandatory for registration
2. Payment by cash or cheque (Subject to realization)
3. Limited Seats

Ranga Shankara
36/2, 8th Cross,
(Next to J P Nagar Post Office)
2nd Phase, J P Nagar,
Bangalore 560 078.

Directions to the Venue :

Summer Express 2015 by RangaShankara - Schedule

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