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Blindfolded Conversations under the trees

September 29, 2016

Blindfolded Conversations under the trees 2.0
Organized by InkWeaver

blindfolded-conversations-under-the-trees-2-0-organized-by-inkweaverBasic-halli, you will be blindfolded and have facilitated conversation with an absolute stranger.

What are on the cards?
The participants are going to go beyond the physical judgement stage to discover the person behind the blindfold. This will be a facilitated event where the participants will be able to explore thought, the human and themselves.

A contribution of Rs. 100
On the spot payment.

Please fill up this form so that resources can be arranged.
(If you are a non-Bangalorean and would like similar events in your city, fill up the form and mention so in the section “Expectations”)

Janet Orlene
Experiential Learning Facilitator, Spoken Word Poet and Dessert lover.
If you bump into her on the streets and see her having an expressive conversation with the air, she’s most probably not on the phone.

Sunday | 2nd October 2016 | 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Cubbon Park

(Assemble at UB city Coffee Day Square at 3pm)

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