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Art Show by Lakshman Bala.

November 5, 2016

Art Show by Lakshman Bala

Lakshman Bala had a passion towards Drawing and Music from his young age, which helped him to perceive his passion till date.

Earlier in his younger days he used to sketch regularly, and his passion was further channelised in him getting into the top Advertising Agency as an Illustrator. Thereafter career growth to a Creative Director. He has a vast experience of over 20 years in Advertising.

He also learnt the Art of Tanjore Painting and further showcased his talent by exhibiting his paintings at ‘Shashi KapoorArtGallery’ in Mumbai.

As a young child he could render a complete song which got the crowd spell bound. He continued his passion both Art and Music. He is very well known in all the Bhajan and Ghazal circles. He has scored music for various TV serials and Music Albums. He has given numerous programs in India and abroad. He recently visited Holland for a series of Sai Bhajans performances.

Some of the songs from his popular music albums were aired on BBC Radio (London, UK bhajan section) for over six months. Apart from many of his performances which have been telecast on TV channels, his bhajan concerts were recorded and telecast on Raj TV too for over a year. He feels fortunate and blessed to have recorded a Sai Bhajan Album along with Ghazal Samrat Shri Jagjit Singh’s musicians in Mumbai. He has also had the opportunity to conceptualise, pen lyrics, compose & direct music for albums.

He feels blessed to have been associated with well known music Legends like Ghazal Samrat Late Shri . Jagjit Singh, Bhajan Samrat Shri. Anup Jalota, Ghazal Singer Ms.Penaz Masan, Shri. Ajit Khadkade and the Legendary playback singer Shri. S.P. Balasubramanyam, Sri.Raju Ananthaswamy and Smt. Archana Udupa to name a few in his journey of music. His music scores for a kannada TV serial “Solu Gelavu” became popular was telecast on “Doordarshan 9 (Chandana TV)”.

Lakshman Bala is happy and busy in the field of Art, Music and Advertising.

Art Show on View
at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
Art Complex,
Kumara Krupa Road,
Near Shivananda Circle,
Kumara Park East
Bengaluru-560 001.

Directions to the Venue :

* * *

An Exhibition of Lakshman Bala’s paintings was held at Chitrakala Parishath, Bengaluru on 05.11.2016 & 06.11.2016. There has been wonderful response and appreciation from the people of Bengaluru making the event a grand success.

The event was inaugurated by the Honourable Chief Guest Dr.Nadoj Mahesh Joshi (Additional Director General, Doordarshan) and the Honourable Guest of Honour Dr.Aruncahalam (Chairman of Shakti Hill Resorts and Shurungagiri Temple, Rajarajeshwarinagar). The Chief Guest also launched Lakshman Bala’s personal website on this occasion. Lakshman Bala himself rendered a few Bhajans during the invocation at the event. The event was also covered by Doordarshan Chandana TV and Raj News TV Kannada.



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  1. jain baltiwala permalink

    good usage of natural colours. Amazing art and artist 🙂


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