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“Broken Images” – English Play

November 7, 2016

Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions presents “Broken Images”  English Play

Cast: Shabana Azmi
Written By: Girish Karnad
Directed By: Alyque Padamsee

A fantastic psychological thriller, starring Shabana Azmi. Watch Shabana Azmi perform live, up close and personal as she takes you through the journey of Manjula Sharma and her broken images ! The play aptly titled “Broken Images”

Broken Images :
Two sisters—one an intellectually brilliant paraplegic, the other a plodding writer- live under the same roof, dependent on each other, but inhabiting different emotional as well as linguistic worlds – English and Hindi. The arrangement is fraught with complications not only because the sisters are involved with the same man, but because they respond to life together, and separately, they continually modify the image they have of each other and the world around.

The twenty-first century is an era of electronic images. From every corner of our daily life images fling themselves at us, arguing, accusing, wheedling, until the very essence of our private existence seems threatened. What if the most deadly of these images were one’s own shattered self ?

Shabana Azmi plays both the sisters on stage and their many images, as they morph into one another, in one of the most challenging roles of her career.

ACE Productions, over 20 years, has brought many internationally acclaimed plays to stages across India & abroad such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, Padma Bhushan Girish Karnad’s Broken Images starring Padmashri Shabana Azmi n directed by Padmashri Alyque Padamsee, Pulitzer prize winning Death of a Salesman and the iconic Sound of Music to name a few

Tickets priced at Rs. 300 – Rs 2000
Tickets on BookMyShow :

Sunday | 13th November 2016 | 7.45 PM

Good Shepherd Auditorium
Museum Road,
Shanthala Nagar,
Richmond Town,
Bengaluru 560025.

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