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Jharokhe – Collection of Short Plays

November 16, 2016

Saarthak presents “Jharokhe” – Collection of Short Plays

jharokhe-collection-of-short-plays-by-saarthak‘Jharokhe’ is all set to be a thought provoking evening of entertainment through short plays. Saarthak brings to its audience innovative and experimental productions of original short plays written, directed and performed by very talented local artists. The intention behind Jharokhe is to enthrall the viewers with the magic of theatre and transport them to glimpses of extraordinary stories of human trials and triumphs. Jharokhe was hugely appreciated in its first three innings and now they are back with their 4th edition comprising new stories that have evolved out of real life experiences to bring back those laughter, tears and smiles.

The fourth edition of Jharokhe comes with 5 short plays:

The Would be Playwright by Roy Proctor
Would a famous journalist consent to hearing part of the first play written by a woman who lands on his doorstep? Even though he agrees, little do the journalist and the would-be playwright realize that they are about to embark on a surreal journey with lifealtering consequences.

Kaash by Deevas Gupta
We are constantly faced with innumerable choices and the decisions we make leads to who we are and how we live. The burden of the past weighs heavily down on us and shapes what we do in the present. The protagonist of this surreal drama finds himself in a dilemma where his past confines him like a prison. Will he be able to break free?

Superhero by Mark Harvey Levine
Do you ever feel that you have been ignored? Do you ever feel that you have been insulted, and discarded all your life? Well, in that case, you may be a Superhero. Tum Ho Bhi Aur Nahin Bhi by Chandrama Deshmukh Ever noticed that blurred line between real and unreal? Wondered what is it made of? Is the reality we perceive an absolute truth? Or is there something more tangible beyond it? Delve into all these questions with a soul-stirring story of a couple which exemplify genuine companionship. All is going well till one day their son arrives with his girlfriend and bursts the bubble of myth. Stand witness to the world of delusions conquer physical reality. It’s a poetic, enthralling nd mind-stirring tale of non-existent existence.

Gone to the Dogs by Shaurya Singh
Think of a play that has no plot or narrative structure and is more concerned with creating a nightmarish atmosphere. Gone to the dogs is a surreal story that delves into the question of whether everything we do stems from the fear of death. This unique absurd short play touches on various thoughts like evolution, progeny and the nature of good and evil and does it by using man’s relationship with dogs.

Dimpy Fadhya, Maahir Mohiuddin, Mahipal Baid, Megha K. Purushotham, Prakil Singh, Reeshma Nair, Shridhar Kulkarni, Sukhleen Kaur, Sumeet Borana, Vidya Shanker Mishra

Age: 16years and above
Tickets: 200/- Available on
The play does not have an interval.

Jharokhe on Sunday | 20th November 2016 | 5.00 PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore 560 095

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