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Suno. Socho. Banao – Stories & Puppets

November 16, 2016

Suno. Socho. Banao. – Stories & Puppets
Presented by Atta Galatta

A story and a little puppet. Whenever we listen to stories, we imagine how the characters would be. In this session we will make simple puppets after the storytelling.

How the puppet-making works:
TAiE wants children to discover the love of nature and stands by its mission and hence, the puppets will be made from materials like leaves, coconut shells, old cloth pieces, gloves, pieces of rope, etc. as far as possible.

This session will show children how they can have fun while making simple crafts in the form of puppets and still play with them and make more on their own at home!

While they may not look fancy and like store-bought toys, they will give children a sense of satisfaction as it will be a reflection of what they like.

TAiE does not believe in mass-production and children will not be “told what exactly they need to do”; rather they will be guided and encouraged to make the puppets in their own way as TAiE wants to cultivate a culture of thinking among children.

Please note:
If you’re looking for traditional or fancy puppets then you could get in touch for future sessions when we will be making more elaborate puppets.

About The Arts in Education
With its studios Bangalore and Calcutta The Arts in Education has been telling stories, training teachers and facilitating Theatre and Folk Art workshops.

About Anumeha Fatehpuria

Anumeha Fatehpuria is an Educator and a Performance Storyteller and has also trained as a student at Kathalaya. She has studied Theatre at Misf!t and worked as an assistant director with Jayant Kripalani. She has worked as cast and crew at Jagriti, The Red Curtain, Padatik & Black Box Theatre.

She has also co-produced and directed Talisman Tales: The first dream, a children’s play, that was curated for and performed at the Tortilla Theatre Fest held at Alliance Francaise, Bangalore.

After performing stories in different parts of the country she is back in Bangalore with some more stories.

Session fee: Rs. 350/-
Age Group: 5+

Sunday | 20th November 2016 | 5.00PM to 7.30PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block,
Bangalore 560 095

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