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Chuski Natak Ki – Vijay Tendulkar’s “Sakharam Binder”

November 24, 2016

Chuski Natak Ki – Vijay Tendulkar’s “Sakharam Binder”

chuski-natak-ki-vijay-tendulkars-sakharam-binder“Chuski Natak Ki” is an event conducted by group, “Theatre On Your Own” which plans to read classic plays in a dramatic manner, discuss about the work of renowned playwrights, and also figure out the craft used in great plays.It all happens over a chuski of tea and some snacks.

The group revisits Vijay Tendulkar’s “Sakharam Binder”, with a themed stage reading. TOYO loves to play with the audiences minds in different forms, as the storytelling will be engaging and challenging at the same time.

The target audience for the event is everyone who appreciates theatre and literature and everyone, who likes TOYO, gets inspired by a good piece of art.

Theatre On Your Own gives dedicated time to rehearse and plan the event. They target at least 1 event per month and make sure people who are part of the event go home with some artistic inspiration.It’s all for the love of plays.

They have staged “Chuski Naatak ki ” once every month starting from December 2015 at various location in Bangalore and got a very positive and appreciative response from the audience for our shows, which encourages us immensely.

About TOYO (Theater on Your own):
Art is never complete without Science.
Doing theatre following all the right processes was the first thought that holds the root of the group which was formed in the early months of 2015. Founded by Sarbajeet Das , who has more than 10 years of versatile theatre experience is responsible for all the creative decisions in the team and he is also the Artistic director of the team . Faria Fatma , who has been in the theatre industry for over a decade now is almost everywhere to help the team grow like logistics , marketing , production and as an actor too . Apart from this we have a bunch of new enthusiastic people who are always ready to explore new ways of bring this art to todays critics.

As a group, we are very sure what we have to deliver every time we take up a project and we brainstorm a lot to make it different than what is already there, we love to play with our audience’s mind. We love to make original piece of art, but always get inspired from classic literature.

We have opened up the doors for all enthusiastic people who love to follow their passion in theatre and we do not judge them based on their experience. If someone is sincere this group will always help that person to grow and be self sufficient in theatre. We don’t encourage working for free and love our cast and crew to the core. Profit or loss we pay our cast and crew, because without them we are nothing and their work needs respect.

We are very careful in our approach and are here to stay in the race of good theatre makers. We support all pieces of good art and have not set any boundaries for creativity for ourselves not in terms of language or any form of art.

We are here to take our passion to the next level and make it a profession good enough to earn not only bread and butter but some luxurious meals too.

Cast and Crew:
Readers/Actors : Faria Fatma, Nirakar Panda, Rahul Joshi, Utkarsh Gaharwar, Nirlek Dhulla, Debanjana Nath
Lights and sound execution :
Production : Ayan Biswas, Sakshi Srivastava, Ashish Chowdhary.
Live Music : Ayaan Biswas.
Conceived and Directed by : Sarbajeet Das.

Age Limit: 16+, Not suitable for kids.
Price per show: 120/-, Tickets on

Saturday | 26th November | 3:30 PM & 7.00 PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore 560 095.

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