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Writers and Designers Gathr for Surreal Social

December 6, 2016

Writers and Designers Gathr for Surreal Social
An Abstract collaborative session

An afternoon of creative collaboration + networking between visual and literary/poetic artists using the surrealist concepts of exquisite Corpse and its variants. The concept of surrealism bases itself on the tenants that creativity and genius can be just as much of a shared experience as it is individual.

André Breton, also known as the founder of Surrealism spoke of these games as “…the most fabulous source of unfindable images…”. We add another layer of words into the mix.

Bring a pen or pencil or paintbrush or whatever medium you like to work with and contribute to collective creations. – First, Let’s talk Surreal – Then, Exquisite Coprse + Chinese Whisper – Writers, Artists, Poets, Illustrators gather

2-3 PM: Introduction to Surrealism, Exquisite Corpse and Chinese Whisper by Team Gathr
3-4 PM: Exquisite Corpse
4-5 PM: Chinese Whisper

1. For writers, designers, illustrators, poets, doodlers and anyone who loves sketching/drawing/painting/writing
2. Bring Your Own Medium to use | Basics will be provided
3. Interact. Connect. Collaborate. Make Art.
4. #Eat Pancakes and #Drnk Coffee
5. Stay in touch 🙂

About Surrealism:
Influenced by Freud’s theories of the struggle in the human mind between the conscious and unconscious, surrealism took shape between 1920s-1960s where artists proposed that art should free the individual from the “rational” to express personal desires and release the mind from the limitations of conventional thought.

About Exquisite Corpse and Chinese Whisper:
Exquisite corpse is both a simple and complex activity where an individual builds on an idea based on the partial view of collaborators. The idea therefore deviates to become a culmination of different styles and thought processes that stem from a singular concept.

Another variant of the exquisite corpse is the Chinese Whisper also referred to as Telephone. Where an idea is traced from its origin and allowed to deviate along the way to finally arrive at a form that is far more evolved.

About Gathr:
Gathr is a startup that orchestrates alternative social experiences and interaction between ideas, creators, spaces and enthusiasts in the form of DIY entertainment.

Ticket: Rs. 500/- incl of F&B — Blueberry Pancakes and Coffee of choice!
Available on:

Saturday | 10th December 2016 | 2 – 5 PM

Koramangala Social,
118 Koramangala Industrial Area,
Koramangala 7th Block,
Bangalore – 560095.

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