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Stories of Happiness – Solo exhibition of paintngs.

December 30, 2016

Gallery 9 presents Stories of Happiness – A Solo exhibition of paintngs by Shivanand Basavanthappa

stories-of-happiness-a-solo-exhibition-of-paintngs-by-shivanand-basavanthappa-at-gallery-9-navrathans-antique-art-m-g-road-bengaluruIn this exhibition the artist has tried to explore the up and downs of the life of human being. Everyone is trying to pursuit of happiness in their life.

The Artist is a National Awardee who says My Art My oeuvre is a result of the spark ignited by the inner instinct of exhibitionism, so tenderly & willfully nurtured by my loving parents since childhood. My work is a tribute to the continuous and collective accumulated impressions triggering a series of impulses resulting in the manifestation of Art thru a variety of mediums. Our culture, values, ethics and traditions forms the core component of all the romance of the brush on the canvas. The Journey The amazing quality of the ‘unpredictable inner being’ makes a life-journey a roller-coaster ride! Mine is no different. My brush with all forms and all kinds of work made me traverse the terrain apart from bringing me awards and recognition at national level. Aim To be a continuous source of expression delighting the subjects as I explore my self deeper as much as I explore the world around.

Stories of Happiness on view till 5th January 2017 | 10:30 AM – 7:00 PM
Monday to Sunday

Gallery 9
Navrathan’s Antique Art
The Haveli,
Near Cauvery, 39, M.G Road,

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