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Unscene kicks – The first edition

January 10, 2017

Unscene kicks – The first edition

Unscene is a simple attempt to give a push to a wider array of Indie music bands than the very familiar, oft-repeated set and to keep live metal music alive. This is a monthly series with back-to-back Metal and Indie music nights with gate collection being the only form of revenue and with massive faith and support from The Humming Tree.

Chaos from Kerala and Bengaluru-based Orchid and Shepherd playing the metal night on the 11th. The Anand Bhaskar Collective from Mumbai, which is launching its new album, and Jhanu from Chennai take over the Indie night on the 12th.

The bands:

anand-bhaskar-collectiveAnand Bhaskar Collective:
Anand Bhaskar Collective’s (ABC’s) music is characterised by a straight-up groove and melody-centric alternative rock sound with strikingly relevant lyrics. The Mumbai-based band successfully fuses Indian Classical Elements with its dominant Alternative Rock soundscape. The band will release its new album at this show as well as at performances in other cities.

Orchid, a quartet from Bangalore, is known for its involved and intelligent rhythms and structures. Their self-titled EP released late-2016 has come for a lot of praise.


Trivandrum, Kerala-based thrash metal band Chaos is loved for its tight and aggressive performances live. The quartet garnered impressive reviews for their debut release, Violent Redemption as also many awards.

Shepherd is a Bangalore-based sludge/heavy rock band that’s been making waves in the underground since its coming together in early 2011. The band has built a reputation for itself as an ever-evolving and unpredictable heavy rock entity.


JHANU is a Tamil rock band from Chennai, the first of its kind to have successfully blended the energy of modern rock with the aesthetics of poetic Tamil, the combination of which has resulted in their numerous live performances in South India over the past two years.

Tickets are available online at a discounted rate of Rs. 300/- as against Rs. 400/- at the gate.
Tickets available online:

11th and 12th January 2017 | 9:00 PM

The Humming Tree
#949, 3rd Floor & Rooftop,
12th Main Road, Indiranagar,
Bangalore – 560038

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