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Ekama – Art Show by Zabi Ayinikat

January 12, 2017

Ekama – Art Show by Zabi Ayinikat

The Oneness of the Universe in the female form – first art show by Artist Zabi Ayinikat

Zabi Ayinikat wish to introduce herself as a lifelong student of art. The pursuit of which invigorates and inspires her. On the professional front, advertising has been her calling. A journey of over two decades, beginning with stints in multinational agencies as an Art Director to setting up an independent agency “mantrasz” that went on to redefine the space.

Goals were achieved, benchmarks were set and everything was in place. And then it was time to quit and follow the heart. Painting was always a passion and a medium of self-discovery for her. It was a yearning deep within that needed to find its canvas.

“Ekam” or Oneness was thus born.
(Origin: Sanskrit, meaning one, single, solitary, oneness, unity)

One. The singularity. The unfathomable expanse and the diminutive dot. The infinite sphere where time stands witness. This is a narrative. A series of portraits that are an expression of the feminine, my window to the profound. Each work in the collection captures the essence of the feminine – from strength, grace to the vibrant and sensual. It is a journey from within that finds expression, a first person account of her experiences, dreams and passion.

Inventive, original and modern, the feminine unfurls in all its glory. The silence finds a canvas, seemingly whispering a million words. Emotions are not tethered, they run wild. “Isn’t it life expressing itself?” she ask myself, her spirit boundless, paying a soulful tribute to the beauty around her. The play of the divine and eternal oneness are the mystical dimensions that the portraits explore, where every moment draws one ever closer to a universe within. The pulsating mix of colours, patterns and deft strokes explodes into a series of themes, with feminine figures rooted in reality yet soaring in imagination.

It’s her leap of faith; where the depths of subtlety finds expression through the brush, body and soul.

Art Show on 15th & 16th January 2017

The Collonnade,
Level C,
The Leela Palace,
23, Old Airport Road,
Bengaluru – 560008.

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