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“Pancha Tatva” Art show by 5 artists

January 25, 2017

“Pancha Tatva” Art show by 5 artists

varanasi-nocturne-art-by-ramesh-jhawarLife is at its best when the five elements are in harmony. Harmony of colours, shapes, tone, strokes and movements in art brings elegance and panache to it.

Bengaluru being culturally rich, artistically inclined and vibrant city brings together five such unique artists of national and international fame. These artists from across the country come together to showcase their watercolours under one roof, promising art lovers one of a kind of visual feast.

After the First grand successful show artists Bijay Biswaal, Madhu Kumar, Nirupam Konwar, Ramesh Jhawar and Sadhu Aliyur grouping together again for the Second time in Bengaluru to showcase their beautiful paintings. These watercolorists lend their silken brush strokes to this melange called PANCHA TATVA.

About the Artists

Bijay Biswaal.
art-by-bijay-biswaalProbably God destined him to play with color and lines when
he was born in a small town called Pallahara in Odisha… flanked by gorgeous bountiful nature all round..
A thorough self taught, he took to brush and colour like a duck takes to water. Equally adept and quite popular among art lovers for his opaque and transparent colours… it’s his watercolor that sets the art lovers all excited. Transparent watercolor excites Biswaal like no other media and here in PANCHATATVA, Biswaal showcases some of his freshest watercolor along with four other incredible watercolorists of our time..

Madhu Kumar
art-by-madhu-kumarHe is a Watercolour artist living and working from Bengaluru. His art journey started in 2007 while working in Singapore (as an IT professional) when he joined an art class. His talent gained him entry to Singapore Watercolour Society in 2011 and served as Assistant Secretary-General in 2013. He has participated in various Group/Annual shows in Singapore and India. His collectors are from Singapore, US, UK, Malaysia and India. He also had his successful First Solo Exhibition in Singapore recently.
Madhu often paints/sketches en plein-air and is excited by dynamic behavior of Watercolour. He loves to capture atmosphere, weather conditions and light. His favourite subjects include Landscape, Architecture and Street scenes. He often travels to different places to paint/sketch.
Member : Singapore Watercolour Society

Nirupam Konwar
art-by-nirupam-konwarHe is a young watercolour artist from Assam. Having spent his childhood amongst the verdant hills and beautiful countryside, he loves paintings landscapes. Focused on pursuing his passion for art, he is a professional qualified artist and works in the field of Animation on international movie projects. He ignites this passion for Watercolors in other budding artists by conducting workshops and demos especially Plein Air. His unique style of watercolor media with strong natural flair for values and composition is well sought after by collectors who span the globe across Spain, France, Turkey, Canada, UK, Germany and India.

Ramesh Jhawar
udaipur-bylane-art-by-ramesh-jhawarHe is a watercolourist from the rich, vibrant land of Rajasthan and culturally ecstatic Tamilnadu.  This mix is evident in his art as well. A realistic artist, he  plays with light and shades depicting the everyday life look dreamy and surreal. Being a self-taught artist has helped him evolve an individual style rather than fetter him into one school of painting. He wants his art to speak for itself rather than give an explanation for it.
Ramesh has many national and international exhibitions to his credit and has received several awards and honourable mentions for his watercolour paintings.



Sadhu Aliyur
art-by-sadhu-aliyurHis finely honed skills,astute observation and refined aesthetic sensibilities help him capture the essence of a sense in a few strokes. He makes the common look uncommon. He transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.
In his hands nature comes alive in all its richness, textures ,hues and forms.With a wash here and a dab there the overwhelming beauty of the monsoon skies and rain drenched dwellings are frozen for all time for the eyes of the connoisseur The dramatic fluffy, cloud- laden and infinite azure skies,the slanting trees bending in the wind, the bottomless amerald and aquamarine sea ,all find expression in breathtaking compositions
It is not surprising that the Sadhu aliyur has been honoured for his talent with awards in Kerala and out side He has already had over 35 exhibitions and each time he brings a fresh look at his chosen subject and time.

He was award VijayaRaghava Gold medal Endowment twice by the kerala lalithakala academy.He was also been recognised abroad the Turkey International water colour society honoured twice for his contributions
His painting find a place of honour among the work of well known watercolour artist from over 50 national world wide
Now you can get a taste of sadhu aliyur best creative.

26th to 30th January 2017 | 10.30 PM to 7.00 PM

Lamp lighting : 26th January 2017, at 3:00pm
Tag team Demo : 28th January 2017, at 3:00pm

Gallery III,
Karnataka #ChitrakalaParishath
#Art Complex,
Kumara Krupa Road,
Near Shivananda Circle,
Kumara Park East
Bengaluru-560 001.

Directions to the Venue :

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