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The Little Princes of Rajasthan – Screening of film

January 31, 2017

The Little Princes of Rajasthan
Screening of film by

the-little-princes-of-rajasthanPeepshow is Social’s exclusive property that curates screenings across India featuring the works of independent film makers. The idea is to get cinema lovers under one roof and aid interaction with their counterparts i.e. film makers from all genres thus providing a platform to connect with incredible work. With its first instalment of 2017, Social indicates its plans to take #Peepshow to a higher level by featuring films of niche genres and unique styles with stronger impact on its audience — something entirely in sync with the kind of Culture they wish to set among the pub crawling millennials of the country. 1st of February is the date set to kick start this unspoken policy and the documentary being screened is ‘The Little Princess of Rajasthan’ — Directed by Aurelie Chauleur and Produced by Chirag Jain. The film will be screened at Church Street Social, a venue which keeps its reputation of showcasing performance arts with an edge, since its inception in 2014.

The Little Princes of Rajasthan immerses us within a village of North India while introducing a very unique culture: the oral tradition of the Langa community. They are a musician caste born to serve their patrons, or jajmans. Based out of Barnawa, 130 km from the blue city of Jodhpur, hundreds of families live by and for the music, teaching the new generation their ancestral way of singing. It predominantly follows the morning-to-evening routine of three boys, Amit, Anwar and Swaroop, who, like most kids today, dream of becoming famous. Showing the various aspects of when and where they play and sing as well as the transmission process, the film highlights how music is a way of life.

As Aurelie puts it, “One can experience music in many ways and one does not need language to appreciate and understand it. Having said that, when you know where the music is coming from, and you can connect with the person creating it, it’s a completely new experience. And that is what I would like to share with you.”

She works tirelessly to help people keep their traditions and cultures alive and she has worked with musicians in the Caribbean, Egypt, Mozambique, Morocco, India and Argentina. She takes the musicians she discovers abroad to numerous music festivals, has started collaborative projects with them, all in addition to making documentary films. In Mumbai, she worked with traditional musicians and street children, not only helping them to record their own music albums and videos, but also building bridges between the humanitarian world and culture.

The Music of the film has been curated by Alain Weber — someone who privileges in his work as an explorer of constantly renewing forms of music. Alongside some works which were freely processed, he developed a deep skill in quarter tones besides using various techniques to create more indeterminate compositions. An ardent admirer of poetic forms, he can revive the spirit of Pantoum (Stanzas, 1965), or the Acrostic (Acrostiches Studies, 1973), also inspiring the phonemes of Poem of the Star of Jean Cocteau to create a vocal expression in onomatopoeia (Phonèminie, 1983 and the “Chan” Potager, 1984). His educational research led him to use random and flexible techniques, assimilated by young performers so that each work poses a different musical problematic. Alain Weber’s compositions evolve through a certain unity, never revealing any real rupture and that is exactly why his contribution to the film has been key and unparalleled.

With a run time of 40 minutes followed by a Meet the Producer session, this instalment of #peepshow is on the minds of every person with an inclination to underground and indie forms of art. Very limited seating available. Tickets on

Wednesday | 1st February 2017 | 7:00 PM

Church street Social
No-46/1, Cobalt Building,
Church Street,
Bangalore – 560001.

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