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Screening of Active Voices – Film on a collection of Recollections.

February 3, 2017

Screening of Active Voices – Film on a collection of Recollections.

A Short Film by Sharmila Aravind

screening-of-active-voices-film-on-a-collection-of-recollections-a-short-film-by-sharmila-aravind-screening-at-ngma-bengaluruSYNOPSIS – ACTIVE VOICES:
India has been a country which has witnessed massive changes in the last hundred years. So what has changed in this century? How is it being perceived by people who have borne it all? Slowly, a new generation has quietly emerged amidst us and not many have noticed, but they are there, in good number, and with their clear cut voices! These are the very special octogenarians, nonagenarians and centenarians of our times who are treasure troves of such information.

Active Voices – A collection of Recollections attempts to trace the one hundred years of a person’s life here, and also some of the significant events in history. 26 men and women (beyond 85yrs of age, oldest of them being 104!) featured in the film voice their experiences, concerns and thoughts on the past, present and future.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures, each of these people we have interviewed is unique and so are their experiences. Active Voices brings out these contrasts and also contradictions and also brings into focus, the one common string which binds everyone – Life itself.

Nostalgic at times, thought provoking but non-preachy, touching, with a few ‘lump in the throat’ moments, Active Voices engages the viewer with simple yet interesting narratives. Old age, usually associated with pathos, loneliness and ill health is here shown in a new light of positivity which could actually teach our youth to look at aging with lesser worry.

“A positive and nostalgic experience of old age and memories, truly active voices that never aged.” – Sreekar Prasad, Editor – 8 times National Awardee.

“The film presents a sensitively observant portrait, a blend of poetic imagery of a generation that succeeded in bringing the wisdom, intelligence and depth of life. The best and the brightest, from every aspect of society share with us, in an intimate and trusted environment, the secrets that made their lives successful in their trade, their relationship with others, and their discovery of a fruitful life. A must-see piece, a learning experience that we will surely treasure over the years to come.” – Sylvia Perel, Directora, Festival De Cine de Todos Santos, Mexico.

“I enjoyed watching Active voices at the Delhi film festival more so because myself being in the 7th decade of my life. We have seen life,accumulated experiences and have a wealth of knowledge. It is our duty to share these with the youngsters. Active voices has an excellent and diverse collection of elders and their opinions and suggestions juxtaposed with youngsters and others was interesting. The flow was good. Never a dull moment. It is a film to be seen by all age group. John Dryden’ she poem was wonderful. My hearty congratulations for producing active voices.” – M. Ganapathy, Correspondent, PGP Colleges, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu

Sharmila Aravind.
For Sharmila Aravind, it was her first love- Arts. Whether it’s writing poetry, children’s rhymes, singing, film making or visual arts, she has enjoyed the taste of art in its myriad forms. She has trained in Visual Arts from Ravindra Kala Niketan, Tumkur.

Her penchant for newer areas of work resulted in a 17 minute Documentary-Past Perfect, Present-Continues, which she conceptualized, designed, scripted and directed. Being a voice over artist, she also lent her voice for the same and many other projects. The film was officially selected and screened at 4th Delhi International Film Festival, 2015, International Short film Carnival, Goa, 2016 and in Rolling Reels Film Festival, 2016, Chennai.

Her recent film ACTIVE VOICES-A COLLECTION OF RECOLLECTIONS, received the Best Concept in Documentary Award at the 5th Delhi International Film Festival, 2016. The film which showcases people above the age of 85years talking about their lives was well received by the audiences.

Sharmila has also written and sung rhymes for children in two volumes of CDs produced by the Indian Montessori Centre, called Genuine Gems.

As a painter, one of her paintings was exhibited through a power point presentation at Bharath Bhavan, Bhopal, as a part of the National exhibition of Contemporary Art-2015, organized by South Central Zone Cultural Centre. Her mail arts have been exhibited at galleries in Brazil, Canada, USA and Indonesia.

She had a solo show of her artworks titled Pre-sumed Innocence, in July 2015, at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat galleries.

A show of hers along with Photographer Peevee titled MY CITY SPEAKS TO ME, held in September 2015, at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, attracted critical acclaim. She has also participated in many group shows in Bangalore. She has exhibited paintings in Delhi at Delhi International Film Festival Art Shows.

Her multi media works, often accompanied by short verses are an interesting blend of poetry and visual arts.

Link to the Teaser:

Screening on Sunday | 5th February 2017 | 11:00 AM

National Gallery of Modern Art,
Manikyavelu Mansion
49, Palace Road,
Bangalore 560 052.

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