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Atta Galatta on Wheels

February 11, 2017

Atta Galatta on Wheels to raise funds for Bengaluru Poetry Festival

The first edition of Atta Galatta on wheels will be held on 12th of February at the Courtyard house, Sarjapura road. This edition is being organized to raise funds for the Bengaluru Poetry Festival by Atta Galatta which is in the month of August 2017.There will be workshops, stalls, events, books, theatre and lots more. This event is both for kids and adults.

Events at Atta Galatta on Wheels:
Hogwarts meet Disney Challenge, Once Upon a Brunch : A Storytelling session at brunch time, Workshop by Kavin Gallery, Wheel Of Values, Love, Laughter and Compassion, Workshop by The Sound Of Poetry, Tricky Treasures, Discover the Poet Within! by Ameen Haque, Little Tots-Mommy & me program, Dream Work – Why we dream and what do they mean to us, Painting Workshop, Minions of Stories, STORY DRAMA : Basic Theatre workshop for children, Grey Collar, The Dance of Shiva – A mythological storytelling session, Dinosaurumpus, BSS Feb Oral storytelling meetup-Romance in folklore & mythology, Clowning workshop for children, Anjuman-Hindi Poetry club, TALES Around the Lantern,

Atta Galatta on Wheels – Concept Note
Atta Galatta as a bookstore and venue for events has grown leaps and bounds since it opened its doors in 2012. It has grown into a platform for artistes to interact with their audience in an intimate and informal setting, while remaining a venue for serious literature and art.

In the past 5 years, Atta Galatta has hosted almost 1500 events including book launches and readings, author interactions, poetry sessions, theatre performances, workshops, music performances, film screenings, storytelling sessions, meetups and more. This has created a unique community of artistes and audiences that has helped Atta Galatta grow from just a brick and mortar venue, to a brand that is well recognized in the city.

Contrary to initial expectations that the bookstore would cater to a neighbourhood audience, this community of literature and art lovers are spread all over the city of Bangalore, many of whom regularly travel distances to attend events at Atta Galatta.

Bangalore is growing into a city of distances, and it has become common to hear “I’ve heard of Atta Galatta and it’s events, but I haven’t visited” or “Why don’t you open a branch in North Bangalore”. This has convinced the founders of Atta Galatta that there is huge demand in Bangalore for events and activities similar to what happens at Atta Galatta.

The idea of Atta Galatta on Wheels is to travel Atta Galatta to various locations of Bangalore, so people need not always travel to Koramangala. The founders are planning to leverage their existing community of artistes to take literary and artistic events that usually happen at Atta Galatta to various locations in the city. This will soon include a “mobile” bookstore.

Atta Galatta on Wheels will be taken to IT Campuses, Schools and Colleges, Youth and Social Organizations, Apartments and Communities and many such locations. The idea will be to bring monthly literary and artistic events to Corporate Campuses and Business Centers, Literary Events to school and college events in addition to the cultural and entertainment activities that are usually the staple fare in such events and create a monthly calendar of events, similar to Atta Galatta’s calendar of events to be held in venues across Bangalore. Many organizations have already expressed interest in the concept of Atta Galatta on Wheels, and Atta Galatta has signed the first letter of intent to have monthly Atta Galatta on Wheels events with The Rotary Club of Bangalore. With this partnership, a series of monthly events will be organized at Rotary House and will include Standup Comedy Events, Poetry Evenings, Book Launches and many more.

With Atta Galatta on Wheels, 2017 is the year of taking Atta Galatta to people across Bangalore

Sunday | 12th February 2017 | 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Atta Galatta on Wheels,
The Courtyard House,
Opp Carmel Convent High School,
Bangalore – 560035

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