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Engendering Modernities: Evolving Esperanto – Music beyond borders.

February 13, 2017

Presented by The Bangalore School of Music as part of the 15th East West Music and Dance Encounter 2017 presents Engendering Modernities: Evolving Esperanto – Music beyond borders

`Engendering Modernities’, another East-West presentation–where as the title, ’music beyond borders’ suggests, what is tradfitionally perceived as ’East’ and ’West’ blend together seamlessly in one language on one stage–featuring Veena Vidhushi Geetha Navale and Gopal Navale on the Guitar

This will be followed by a performance by virtuoso Carnatic vocalist, Mythili Anantharaman who underwent training in this form under prominent Gurus and has been performing in music sabhas and temples since the age of 9 years in India and overseas. She has also lent vocal support to prominent Bharathanatyam dancers for their performances.

About Geetha and Gopal Navale’s Presentation
geetha-and-gopal-navaleLong before the dawn of the digital age, music was performed for millennia ‘live’, to intimate audiences around campfires or in small halls. The ambience was magical as the musicians whisked the listeners to an altogether different dimension beyond the mundane. However before the dawn of the digital age, pitches combined on time signatures to make music in styles only true to their geographical origins. Fifty years ago the pentatonic Blues scale would not be identified as the ‘avarohan, of the Nata raga nor would a funk groove be allowed to steady a ‘theka’.
Esperanto, is a universal language initiated by an idealistic group of linguists in Europe in the late 19th century, forged from all the European languages in vogue at that time. Even to this day this is a living language and there are Esperanto clubs in all major cities of the world. The Navales extrapolated this idea into music where the common alphabet of the pitch or note and the metronome of the pulse make it easier for musicians of one culture to understand each other.

In the global village we live , musical tastes transcend continents, time frames and technologies. And there is no reason why we should compartmentalise our listening. The rich timbres and melodies of the orient can be enriched with the grandeur of harmonies of the west and the urgent pulse of an electronic synthesiser can be another colour in the palette of the sensitive sound artiste. At this event Geetha and Gopal intend to showcase some nuances of this new modern music as well as discuss specific serendipitous situations in music composition

About Geetha Navale
Veena Vidhushi Geetha Navale is a very spontaneous veena player and is able to touch the listener’s heart with her music. Her playing has gladdened the hearts of the devout in many a small temple in Malleswaram while leaving audiences dizzy in ‘over the edge’ jazz clubs in Manhattan. Her unique sound comes from a deep study of the traditions and idioms of carnatic music. She has had the privilege of learning the ancient art of playing the veena from the renowned Gurus Sri J.Anjaneyulu the Vice principal of Hyderabad music college and the legendary Sri R.K.Suryanarayan. It was her marriage to songwriter and multi instrumentalist Gopal Navale that broadened her vision, although the change took almost a decade to come.

About Gopal Navale
Gopal Navale who likes to profess that he is from the ‘Grateful Dead’ Gharana is now a keen student of South Indian Classical Carnatic music learning to sing varnams and kritis as well as play them on the flute and mandolin with elements of harmony. His exposure to both contemporary and classical music enables him to have insights which form bridges across traditions.

They are supported by Laya vadya Kalabhushana Thavil chakravarthy Rajkumar who sets a tremendous groove. Rajkumar is recently honoured with a title of Karnataka Dhol Chakravarthy . He is also the Kanchi Kamakoti Asthana Vidwan. He is a disciple of S. Govindswamy of Mysore and also his brother R. Balashankar.

About Mythili Anantharaman
mythili-anantharamanMythili Anantharaman is a virtuoso vocalist steeped in the Carnatic classical culture. She has undergone training in this form under prominent Gurus and has been performing in music sabhas and temples since the age of 9 years in India and overseas. She has also lent vocal support to prominent Bharathanatyam dancers for their performances. Her knowledge of theory backed by years of rigorous practice makes her the perfect medium to convey the emotions and discipline of this musical culture. Currently, Mythili is also pursuing Western Classical Music singing at the Bangalore School of Music.



vidhwan-shri-ts-krishnamurthyVidwan Sri. T.S.Krishnamurthy (Sri.TSK) hails from a family of musicians. He began his training on the violin at the age of five under the guidance of his father & started his musical career as a violinist at an early age of 12. He has established himself as a reputed classical solo violinist, as well as an exemplary accompanying violinist over the past 35 yrs. He has received several Accolades, Awards & Titles from pres+gious ins+tu+ons all over the world.
He has established a school “TSK School of Music”, in Bangalore & US, and he has been training several students in violin and vocal over the past 15 yrs. A significant number of students are leading performing ar+sts. He has also conducted several violin, vocal, Taala and Laya workshops.

vidhwan-shri-gs-nagarajVidwan G.S.Nagaraj is a Carnatic music percussionist based in Bangalore, India. His regular performances as a percussionist span many prestigious venues of Carnatic music. He has led several percussion ensembles with his valuable experience in music composition and direction. He also trains and guides students from all over the world in Carnatic percussion.


Entry is by tickets priced at Rs 200, available on and at the BSM (080-41285017/080-23536090: Monday through Saturday, 11:00am to 7:00pm)

Engendering Modernities on Friday | 17th February 2017 | 7:00 PM

Aruna Sunderlal Auditorium
the Bangalore School of Music,
RT Nagar

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