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Abhijnana Thyagaraja Sangeetham

February 14, 2017

Abhijnana Thyagaraja Sangeetham

8th Annual Music Festival by Bharatiya Saamagaana Sabha
The Music festival is dedicated to Saint Thyagaraja, M.S Subbulakshmi and M.Balamuralikrishna

Abhijnana Thyagaraja Sangeetham
Abhijnana means a sign (a Witness) by which identity is traced.

The music of Thyagaraja has its own innate connotation and style, apart from Ankitanama, stamp of name viz, Thyagaraja (a psendonymn) when brought to the fore (Expounded musically) by singer or connoisseur will instantaneously recognize it as Thyagaraja Sangita though it is a lasting imprint on the listener acquires more significance when 250th birth anniversary is being celebrated.

Samagana Dhanvantri ( Music Medicine ) Raga Concerts.
Dhanvantri is a mythological figure emerging from the churning of ocean with a cup of hector held in his hands, is considered as a divine doctor conferring immortality to the gods served with nectar. The Indian classical music which emerged from samaveda to sung to the basic normative cadence by a singer will surely elevate the listener to nectarean ecstasy and spiritual trance.

Samagana Yuva Savishkara
It is an attempt to discover the promising or youthful yet infalliable mine of talent.
Newness, an aspect of art beauty should be the find by the young musicians on the music platform provided by the Bharatiya Samagana Sabha.

Bharatiya Samagana Sabha, Bangalore, is a non-profit trust engaged in the promotion of Indian classical music. The Sabha is holding its 8th. edition of Indian classical music festival–Abhijnana Thyagaraja Sangeetham. It is a five-day event that will feature the musical performance by a number of popular performers. This year’s theme is around the compositions of Saint Thyagaraja and commemorates the 250th birth anniversary of the Saint. For the first time in India, the Sabha is organizing a “raga remedy”-oriented Samagana Dhanvantri Series to highlight the importance of music in therapeutic conditions.

Performance by:
abhijnana-thyagaraja-sangeetham-8th-annual-music-festival-by-bharatiya-saamagaana-sabha-at-chowdiah-memorial-hall-bengaluruRavikiran, Shashank, Kanyakumari, Bhargavi.V, Unnikrishnan, Rajesh, Rakesh Chaurasia, Vignesh Ishwar, Kadri Gopalnath, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Anahita, Apoorva, Abhishek Raghuram, Sudha Raghunathan, Venkatesh Kumar, Vid.Smt.Sudha Raghunathan, Rajini, Gayathri

Abhijnana Thyagaraja Sangeetham 15th to 19th February 2017

Chowdiah Memorial Hall
16th Cross,
Gayathri Devi Park Extension,
Malleswaram, Bangalore 560003.

Directions to the Venue :

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