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Workshop on Kerala Mural Painting.

February 21, 2017

Workshop on Kerala Mural Painting
by Sarang Cultural Ventures

Level 1 : Pravesika
7 days intensive training on Kerala Mural Painting

workshop-on-kerala-mural-paintingExplore the magic and freedom of turning a poem into a painting. Understand how the Gods, Goddesses, subjects or situations are all embedded into little shlokas. Experience how mural artists meditate on these ‘shlokas’ and translate their gist into lines and shapes onto the canvas.

Here is an opportunity to come close to the art of Kerala mural painting (Sopana Chithrakala). Apart from the stories and theories, get your hands dirty by learning to draw and paint the traditional way! After all, what is a better way to preserve this heritage for the future generations?

Outline of the curriculum:

Understanding ancient paintings, Basic Drawing, Drawing Shapes and forms, Drawing human body, Dhyana Shlokas and their usages, Traditional measurements and methods, Painting basics, Colouring the mural way and Meditation

Hands on training on drawing and painting, the Kerala mural way, Explaining the Dhyana Shlokas, Slide Shows on rare ancient paintings, Material and refreshments provided, Exhibition of your paintings on the last day for the interested public, Take home a finished piece of work that you made with your own hands!

Sasi-EdavaradA dedicated traditional mural artist, Shri. Sasi Edavarad belongs to the classical Kerala school of mural painting. Though he prefers walls as his canvas and natural colours as his medium, he also paints in contemporary style on canvas and paper with acrylic.

Early birds (Those who register by 10th March) – 10,500.00
Regular (Those who register after 10th March) – 12,000.00
The fee includes all art materials, sessions and two refreshments.
Lunch is not included.


Workshop from 8th – 14th April 2017.

‘Vismaya’ Gallery,
Rangoli Metro Art Center,
MG road,

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