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Men’s Department – a Play at Atta Galatta

February 24, 2017

Men’s Department
A Play by A being production
Presented by Atta Galatta

Men’s department is a play about college friends who get together to relive the good old days. While it is very stereotypical to think that men don’t have problem, the plays focuses on the ignored issue’s about men and how strongly they face it. Below are some of the areas that the play is focused on. In India, a lot of men who get into professions like dancing, nursing etc. face ridicule. Men are expected to take up more ‘manly’ professions like IT/technical, fireman/police etc. Our society has already prescribed gender to many occupations – which can result in a bias for those that break this norm. India is still hugely orthodox when it comes to men staying at home looking after the children. If mothers immediately quit their jobs when a baby is due, then why can’t the father? Why isn’t the father allotted a paternity leave? It’s time we let go of this bias against dads and grant them the time they deserve with their children. This is always debatable.

“Men don’t cry – Be a Man! Be Tough!” Men who cry are supposed to be ‘weak’. ‘Ladki jaise rota hai’. Being weak is considered to be feminine. Why do we deny men the right to be emotional? Besides, being a ‘man’ inadvertently means being aggressive, tough and strong. Fighting with men is supposed to be ‘a guy thing’ and we can all see that’s plain wrong. Men have feelings; men can feel fear and pain. If a man doesn’t want to fight he doesn’t have to be ridiculed. Let’s break away from distorted and in fact, violent ideas about masculinity.

Husband earning less than his wife feels ‘let down’ In our society, if a wife earns more than her husband, it’s considered to be insulting for the man. This is because we ascribe power to the man’s salary. If a woman is earning more, he should be happy for her, and be secure that the family is financially sound. However, he faces an ego battle with her and within himself. We have to let go of these antiquated ideas. A man need not feel ashamed of himself if the wife is earning more than him.

‘The Man of the house’ syndrome ‘Man of the house’ often means being the breadwinner of the family. Men are also supposed to be the head of the finances and furthermore, expected to fix the bulb! Women can share these responsibilities and its undue pressure on men to be expected to provide for the whole family.

Always the ‘protector’ and never the ‘protected’ A man is always supposed to stand up for his sister, girlfriend, wife, mother etc. He is supposed to beat up a man who insults his family, particularly the ‘woman’. Why is he always supposed to be the ‘protector’?

Today a lot of women are learning not to depend on the ‘man’ and learning how to take care of themselves at all times they can. Furthermore, a man has to let his guard down and sometimes let a ‘woman’ stand up for him. Nothing to feel ashamed about that. We have to let go of these undue pressures we place on a man.

Ticket : Rs.200

Sunday | 26th February 2017 | 5.00 PM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bangalore 560 095

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