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Screening of Jahangir Asgar Jani’s Short Films.

February 26, 2017

National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru (Ministry of Culture, Government of India)
in collaboration with Bangalore Film Society is organizing “Screening of  Short Films by Jahangir Asgar Jani”

screening-of-jahangir-asgar-janis-short-films-organized-by-national-gallery-of-modern-art-bengaluru-and-bangalore-film-society-at-ngma-bengaluruJahangir Asgar Jani is a self-taught artist, who lives and works in Mumbai. His creative practice ranges from sculptures, installations, watercolours and film/video. At the core of his artistic practice lies the inquiry into making of culture and the socio-political consequences of its propagation. His work has received critical acclaim from noted writers and cultural theorists.

Make ups, Visitors, Urmi, Urmi II and Ba’tin will be screened

Make Ups
Make Ups is a collage of a day in the lives of three protagonists from Mumbai, going through complex social and emotional times with little support from their surroundings. They search for utopias despite their mundane day to day existence
9.08 Min | English | 2005

A tongue-in-cheek take on official structures and the consequences of the apathy of the authorities.
4.27 min | Silent | 2015

10 min | Hindi | 2012

Urmi II
5 min | Hindi | 2016

Urmi and its sequel Urmi II are films about a man struggling with societal norms about gender performance. It highlights the conflict of a LGBTQ person both within himself and with the world outside.

The Ba’tin videos are a series of videos exploring the question of Zahir or the ‘obvious’ and Ba’tin or the ‘hidden’ in ancient evidences, especially in the areas of religion and culture.
10 min | English | 2016

The screenings will be followed by a conversation between Jahangir Jani and N Pushpamala

Screening of Short Films on Tuesday, 28th February, 2017 at 5:30 PM

National Gallery of Modern Art,
Manikyavelu Mansion
49, Palace Road,
Bengaluru 560 052.

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