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The Fierce In My Family’

February 28, 2017

The Fierce In My Family
Performed by Kate Black-Regan (USA) and Nupur Saraswat (Singapore)
Presented by Books & Brews

The Fierce In My Family
‘The Fierce In My Family’ is a melange of poetry, song, and freestyle dance. It tells a story of two women from different parts of the world with diverging narratives. Surrounding the theme of the feminism, it talks about how we have the power to build each other up or to tear each other down; the power to create and to destroy. The Fierce In My Family talks about loud women, proud women, not just free-spirited women, but wild-spirited women.

Kate Black-Regan
kate-black-reganKate Black-Regan is a multidisciplinary performance artist, vocalist, and counselor engaged in expressive art therapies. At the root of her work is a deep trust in the power of transformative growth through creative expression. She is passionate about the relationship between the creative process and healing, both personally and collectively, and explores the potential to reclaim, re-story, and re-envision roles and narratives with a dynamic feminist lens. She collaborates with a wide range of theatre companies and bands in the Philadelphia (US) region, has led workshops on performance/experimental making, and composed a one-woman show, Rising Spiral, that travels with her on the road. Kate is currently living in Bangalore, India to attend a year-long course in Expressive Arts Therapy.

Nupur Saraswat
nupur-saraswatNupur Saraswat is a passionate stage performer, who brings dramatic hands and eyes to the stage along with her bold words. She is one of the finalists of Singapore’s National Poetry Slam 2015, and engaged by TEDx 2016 and UN Women Singapore for creative assignments. Her volatile words and performance method has been appraised by Javed Akhtar and Rahul Bose – both of whom she shared a stage with in 2016. At an age of 22, she is a lot of things – an environmental engineer, a writer, a recruitment consultant, and a spoken word artist. But more than anything else, she is ‘that girl with a flower in her curly hair at all times’. She runs her own brand of artist collective as ‘The Beasts of Bed and Battlefield’ and undertakes commissioned work.” Nupur is currently waiting for her work permit and is employed by Selby Jennings in Singapore.

Spoken Word Open Mic
After experiencing the energies of Kate Black-Regan and Nupur Saraswat, share the stage with them at our Spoken Word Open Mic. Here’s your chance to present pieces of spoken word that you’ve worked on.. or are working on.. even if it’s something by a poet who inspires you.

Be part of a community of poets and lovers of poetry alike. Looking forward to seeing you and sharing our passion for the art with you.

Registration – 7.30 pm onwards
• The registrations start at 7.30 pm sharp.
• Registration CANNOT be pre-booked via calls/text/mails/ social media/ etc.
• Registration will be taken on first-come-first serve basis.
• You are required to give your name, email ID and contact number at the registration desk.
• If you have any special requests regarding slot timings you are required to mention the same at the time of registration.
• The slots line up schedule is the Venue decision.
• Registrations are open to all

Performance slot: 3-5 minutes

Books & Brews at The Humming Tree, Bangalore
Books & Brews ©, is a recently launched and exclusively crafted property of The Humming Tree. At Books & Brews we bring together interested people for lovingly curated, intimate sessions around books, reading, and the love for words. We do this through book meet ups, silent reading gatherings, book shop crawls, spoken word, poetry, workshops, and exclusive author meets and new projects inspired from a common love for the word, books, and reading.

At the moment, Books & Brews is building two really special dreams – The Great Indian Reading Project and India’s First Typewriter Movement. If you’ve got any ideas or thoughts that tickles when you read this, write to and tell how you can make it even more amazing!
#typeinindia #indiareads

Thursday | 2nd March 2017 | 7.30 PM
The Humming Tree,

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