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“Workshop on Everyday Perspective Drawing “

March 18, 2017

“Workshop on Everyday Perspective Drawing “

Every one of us has the skill to draw. We do the same by using shapes. Just by using shapes one can draw anything but sometimes we do get caught up with a drawing that doesn’t look right for the eyes. Drawing is the foundation of all mediums. It must be learned in order to paint, sculpt, make digital art, etc.

Around us, we have almost 95% of the objects/subjects that can be drawn with perspective. Perspective is a way of drawing something that looks like a 3D image on a 2D surface. That is an illusion that we tend to give it to our drawings.

Just, for example, look out for the objects around your house such as a table, chair, wardrobe, TV stand, bookcase, bed, buildings, barns, vehicles etc. They all have to be drawn with perspective so that you can show the proper shape and the distance involved in that.

This workshop will not only show how to draw but plenty of examples that include concepts of perspective.

Raju Dyapur has masters in Information Systems Engineering from one of the reputed universities in the UK. Even after working abroad in IT for over 20 years, his love towards drawing and painting has never diminished. His experience in drawing/fine art comes from his learning in school and college and the training he got from private lessons in Russia. His strong demonstration in learning and dedication has lead to teaching.

Just before he changed his career as full-time teaching in fine art and Vedic mathematics, he returned back to India in 2014. He has conducted workshops in other countries for more than 6 years and he has been conducting workshops in India since 2014.

His students range from different backgrounds including working professionals, Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, movie editors, 3D designers etc.

If you are someone who loves to fulfill the dream of drawing the right way, then come with your enthusiasm and experience the art of perspective drawing with lots of practice. You don’t need to have any previous experience. Learn to draw “WHAT YOU KNOW, NOT WHAT YOU SEE”

All Materials are provided
Registration is MUST
Fee: Rs.500

Tickets available online at or call +91 8884999599

Enthusiasts can make use of this opportunity. The number of students for each batch is limited.

Sunday | 19th March 2017 | 10:00 PM – 2:00 PM

World of Paintings
Site No. 203, 2nd Main Road
Teachers’ Layout, 1st Stage
Bengaluru – 560072

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