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Exhibition of Tapestry by Rama Kataria.

March 25, 2017

Symphony of Threads
A Retrospective of tapestries

Exhibition of Tapestry by Rama Kataria.

Rama Kataria, Born in 1937 is a BSc and BEd Garduate from Lady Irwin College, New Delhi. The youngest in a large family, she married a young army officer and moved around the country with him, being posted to small cantonment towns every couple of years. She” made a cosy home for her family in every place. With her needle and great sense of colour, she stitched curtains and did applique work on them, embroidered table cloths and napkins, and even stitched clothes for her children. She is an amazing cook and that is her second passion. She believes that hands should never be idle, and always had some project going.

Over the decades, she has specialized in doing cross stitch tapestries. She started with small and simple ones and has graduated to larger, finer and more complicated ones with lots of shading and many colours. She is very passionate about her work, and must spend a couple of hours a day with her needle and threads to make her day complete.

Age has not slowed her down, and despite cataract surgeries in both her eyes, her work is even finer than it was in her younger days. She works from charts and graphs, adds her own colours and makes corrections when she feels that the charts are not working for her.

It is this art form which she has perfected over the years that has kept her young at heart and very engaged. It gives her a great sense of calm, and is like a form of meditation for her. She gets a feeling of achievement and creativity from her work that gives her something to look forward to everyday.

The sharing of her talent gives her much joy, but unfortunately, there are not too many people who have the patience required for this. For decades, her work has adorned the walls of her home and that of her family members, and dear friends. It was the suggestion that she share her work with the rest of the world that persuaded her to have an exhibition. Through this, she hopes to inspire others to take to this very creative art form.

Mrs.Rama supports NGO’s like The Association fo People with Disability and AIM for Seva.
All the proceeds from the sale through this exhibition will be donated to the above NGO’S who are working for a cause.

#Exhibition of #Tapestry on View till Sunday, 26th March 2017. 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Gallery 2,
Karnataka #ChitrakalaParishath
#Art Complex,
Kumara Krupa Road,
Near Shivananda Circle,
Kumara Park East
Bengaluru-560 001.

Directions to the Venue :

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