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‘I REMEMBER , I RECOLLECT’ – Group Art Exhibition

April 4, 2017

Group show featuring works of Artists Avinash Maski, Kasim Kanasavi and Senthil Kumar
Presented by Art Houz

About the show:
Often defined as a kind of cultural malady, Nostalgia is not the emotion that follows a longing for something you lost, or for something you never had to begin with, or that never really existed at all. Its not even, not really, the feeling that arises when you realize that you missed out on a chance, to see something, to know someone, to be part of some adventure or enterprise or milieu that will never come again. Nostalgia most truly and most meaningfully is an emotional experience – always momentary – always fragile – of having what you lost or never had, of seeing what you missed seeing or meeting the people you missed knowing. It is some feeling that overcomes when a minor beauty of the world is momentarily resolved and has always empowered and inspired generations of artists. The feeling produces Artworks recalling memoirs and meanings from the past in a way that might be painful. They present to you almost a piece of the artists themselves. Their thoughts, their emotions and their feelings towards that momentary experience is brought out on the canvas and presented before you. Oftentimes these images provide surrealistic imagery that transports the viewer into a realm of fantasy and dreams. The moment is now in the past, yet there is an attempt to hold on at the same time.

About the Artists:
Avinash Maski: Born iin 1991 in Gulbarga, Avinash Maski completed his Masters in Fine Arts in painting from the Mysore University. His works have been part of many group shows across the country. He has received awards from the Jilla Samskruthi Sambrana Uthsava iin 2011 and the Dasara Mahotsava Kalamela in 2011.

Kasim Kansava: Born in 1974, Kasim Kansava has been showing his works since the year 1995. His works have been part of many group shows. His first solo show was in the year 1995, followed by another one in 2013. He has received may awards including the Rashtriya Utsav, Hampi in the year 2016. His works are part of Collections in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and many parts of India and Abroad.

Senthil Kumar: Born in 1978 Senthil Kumar holds a Masters degree in Visual Arts from the Bangalore University. He has received the Kejriwal Foundation Scholarship – 1999, the Smt. Gayatri Jayaprakash Scholarship – 1999 , Ministry of Culture, New Delhi Scholarship – 2002, 2003 and the National Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi Scholarship – 2002. He has also received many awards. Bangalore University Cultural Award for Painting, 1998/99, Osmania University Cultural Award for Painting, 1999, Madhyam Award for Best Painting, 1998, Kejriwal Foundation Award for Painting, 1998.

Inauguration on Wednesday, 5 April, 2017, 6.30 pm
Exhibition on View till 8th April 2017

Art Houz,
#63 Palace Road,
Vasanth Nagar,
Bengaluru 560052.

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