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Woodstock Sessions Peepal Tree

April 21, 2017

Woodstock Sessions Peepal Tree

Big Brewsky Sunday brunches are worthy enough affairs in Bangalore because of the interesting food and beverages. Adding on to this, they have introduced a new property called “Woodstock” which features different bands thus creating a whole new experience of Food, beverages and Live Music.

Woodstock Sessions :
Woodstock – the iconic 4 day festival of Peace and Music, one that changed the history of rock and roll. It was a spark of beauty that touched the soul and changed the rhythm of an entire generation.

It’s time to relive that freedom, peace, live music and ecstacy.

Get nostalgic at Woodstock Session – Big Brewsky, Sarjapur Road, the most gorgeous, timeless setting, sipping on exquisitely crafted cocktails, enjoying a delectably expansive brunch menu, and listening to music that will make you soul sing!

About Peepal Tree :
Peepal Tree is a Bangalore based band. The band comprises Sujay Harthi on vocals, Tony Das on guitars, Praveen Biligiri on bass and Willy Demoz on drums and percussions. Their music can be described as Indian melodies sitting on funk grooves with overtones of electronica, and sung in Indian languages. This combination of elements makes for a very interesting new sound.

Each musician in the band brings a wealth of experience to this new project, having been part of some of the most successful bands from India. Peepal Tree has collectively played more than 1500 concerts globally, in their other projects, and has been a part of the Hindi and Kannada movie industries.
Tony Das – is the guitarist. He is also a part of the heavy metal band Bhoomi and used to play with independent music stalwarts Thermal and a Quarter, and hard rockers Moksha. He has toured extensively with these bands, within India and also Gulf and the UK.

Willy Demoz – is the drummer. He has performed globally with the Raghu Dixit Project for the last 5 years. He has also performed with other celebrated and well known bands like Vasundara Das, Sunita Sarathy, Sunita Rao, Keith Peters, Moksha, Bhoomi to name a few. As one of the most sought after drummers from Bangalore he has also performed with the well known Kannada music director Guru Kiran. He currently endorses Zildjian cymbals.

Praveen Biligiri- is the bassist. He has performed with numerous bands in Bangalore, most notably with his own band, Bhoomi. He has performed with these bands across the country for over 12 years. He has also composed and scored music for Kannada albums and a short film.

Sujay Harthi – is the singer. He has performed with various Bangalore bands, the most popular ones being Bhoomi and Second Hand, and has collaborated with other popular bands in the country. Bhoomi is currently recording an album with Grammy winning producer Neil Kernon. He has sung for various jingles and Kannada movies like Jatta, Ba Baro Rasika, and Nee Illade to name a few.

Genre: Retro / Folk / Contemporary

Sunday | 23rd April 2017 | 1:00 PM onwards

Big Brewsky,
Sarjapur road,
before Wipro Corporate Office,
Bengaluru- 560035.

Entry free

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