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Connecting Roots – Public art project in the City Market on Mapping the Jasmine in Bangalore.

April 27, 2017

Connecting Roots

A public art project in the City Market on Mapping the Jasmine in Bangalore.

(Jasmine grandiflorum) Botanical names don’t locate memory but the local fragrance of the flower recalls the living tradition of fragrance associated with the mallige in the lives of small farmers, women, priests who make it part of living and worship.

The Mysore mallige or jasmine is legendry and is immortalized by the poets of this land. It is profusely grown in farmlands and backyards and is native to this soil.

The fragrance of Jasmine is an instant recall of festivities and the Jasmine bedecked hair is a cultural symbol of southern India.

The hot summer spring of April is the season of legendary Bangalore Karaga Jatre that is a local festival that celebrates the Mother Goddess as Draupadi. The Karaga is made in the shape of a Jasmine shikara and is carried on the head of the Karaga. The crowd showers jasmines as the Karaga makes its way in a procession through the crowed par to the city. The Jasmine is used by all faiths in the syncretism and cosmopolitan urban landscape of Bangalore.

This project Maps the Mallige (Jasmine) from Tamilnadu to Bangalore. Connecting people, traditions and rituals of fragile flowers of the season. The process of farming in Krishnagiri, picking, packing and dispatching by farmers, women and children who enjoy this occupation, the middlemen, and the super fast tempo drivers who deliver on time to the sellers in City market. It is like a ritual, business and a long living tradition.

The work will be exhibited in public and will create conversations in Bangalore and Krishnagiri. It also acknowledges workers day on May 1st.

Sandeep TK is a freelance Photographer based in Bangalore. He has been part of Shergil-Sundaram art foundation one month residency program at 1shanthiroad Studio/Gallery and was a part of SCZCC(South Central Zone Cultural Center) Art camp as a Photographer to document Ujjain Simhastha Kumbh. He has been long listed for TOTO photography awards and He has been selected show at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts New Delhi.He is keen to capture people and their life struggles as Human portraits. Some of his other works are based on human rights gender & sexuality.He is going to be a part of 1 month residency program in Litchenberg studios Berlin.

This project is part of the Bangalore Mapping project and supported by well wishers and 1Shanthiroad Studio.

The exhibition starts on 30th April 2017 from 9.30AM onwards till 1st May 2017 evening 6.30PM

1Shanthiroad Studio.
Shanthi Nagar,

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