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Smrithiart – Painting show on Mural art and Morden Painting

May 4, 2017

Smrithiart – Painting show on Mural art and Morden Painting
by Mridula G.V and Smitha G.V

Mridula G.V is a self proclaimed artist from Kerala. Being a self learned artist tried to explore various art forms. This have the artist the privilege to mix different art forms together and to create own style of art using acrylic paint on canvas.

Smitha G.V is interested in painting, sculpture making and craft work. To increase her potential she did KCG fine art course on life study creative painting, outdoor painting, caligraphy and letter, leno cutting. Currently pursuing mural painting from a reputed artist.

this is their 2nd exhibition. The first exhibition was conducted at Vishveshwariya art gallery Bengaluru during December 2016.

3rd to 7th May 2017

Gallery 2
Karnataka #ChitrakalaParishath
#Art Complex,
Kumara Krupa Road,
Near Shivananda Circle,
Kumara Park East
Bengaluru-560 001.

Directions to the Venue :

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