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Floh presents Crimes of Passion at the Mind Manifesto Society.

May 19, 2017

Floh presents Crimes of Passion at the Mind Manifesto Society at Sly Granny

Crimes of Passion at the Mind Manifesto Society:
How does a crime of passion occur? What pushes us over the edge? Does a killer reside in us all? Spend an evening in an interactive session with Meenal Bhagel, bestselling author of “Death In Mumbai”, analysing all manners of crimes of passion – from murder to revenge porn, and the human story and motivations behind them. The case breaks wide open at Sly Granny

Meenal is the author of Death In Mumbai, a book about the brutal murder of young TV producer Neeraj Grover. Meenal’s goal in Death in Mumbai was to provide an understanding of how desperately far people in big cities will go to live the lives of their dreams.

The Mind Manifesto Society is Sly Granny’s Philosophy Club. Its focus is contemporary, stimulating issues for urban dwellers and seekers. A modern take on the Epicurean garden, the Mind Manifesto Society seeks smart people, who enjoy the art of debate, introspection and a bit of good wine! If you would like to know more about what goes on here please do enroll and recommend a friend as well. There is no membership fee. All we ask you is to be tuned in, and help us delve deeper.

Limited capacity event, RSVP Bhanu: 8884498120/1.
Limited capacity event, entry on first come first serve basis.
A fee of INR500 all inclusive applicable.

Saturday | 20th May 2017 | 6.30PM – 7.30 PM

Sly Granny,
3rd Floor,
# 618, Above CHICCO,
12th Main, Indiranagar,

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