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Photography Workshop

May 25, 2017

Photography Workshop
by Raju Dyapur

About the Workshop
Ever wondered how to get better at photography and know better about your camera. If yes, this is your chance to get yourself learning at it and improve your photo capturing skills. There is no point in buying a good camera and still shoot in “AUTO” mode. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Learn to take control of your camera instead camera takes control over your shot.

Who enrolls in this workshop?
People who want to understand the concepts of photography
People who want to learn new skills to take their skill to the next level
Amateur photographers who want to take better photos
Anyone who wants to upgrade their camera
Registration is a must before the event to plan for the needed materials
(Seats are limited; don’t wait till the last minute)

Photography is also a visual art that has to be practiced. Based on this I have devised this workshop so that you have enough time to think, practice and ask your doubts the following week.

What happens after the workshop? Don’t worry, you will be given support for a month for photo reviews and problems that you might encounter.

Workshop Outline (Get out of Auto & start loving MANUAL)

Introduction to Cameras and Sensors
Understanding Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
Importance of Aperture and its relationship with Depth-of-Field
Basics of Exposure
Understanding White Balance
Understanding Metering Patterns
Understanding Histogram
The principles of shutter speeds
Fundamentals of composition
File Formats
Introduction to Standard Zooms , Wide Angles, Super Zooms, Telephoto Zooms, Macro—
Introduction to Filters

Advantages of the Workshop
This course will not only enable students to understand the fundamentals of camera & photography but also helps in making decisions to buy newer cameras, lenses, filters etc. Students get a month support after the course, let that be regarding the photos or the photography itself (yes, I know it takes time to digest all the concepts)

What to bring
*Includes hands-on (depending on the limitations of your camera)

Note: Please bring your camera with the manual (I know that very few ask you to bring the manual, but believe me, manual is your bible for the camera)

Raju Dyapur ( has masters in Information Systems Engineering from Cardiff University, UK. Even after working abroad in IT for over 20 years, his love towards drawing, painting and photography has never diminished. Before engaging himself as a full-time artist, Photography was his part-time hobby, which led me to take some wonderful projects for food magazines. Because of his traveling nature, he started travel photography and until today he enjoys photography and especially teaching the right techniques. His strong demonstration in learning and dedication has lead to teaching.

His students range from different backgrounds including working professionals, Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, movie editors, 3D designers etc.

Raju Dyapur was the 7th finalist, a competition held by World Citizen Artist in 2016

His recent workshop was shown on TV9 and NEWS9

Sunday 28th May (Day 1 – Learn the fundamentals and their relationships) and 10:00am – 6:30pm *
Sunday 04th June (Day2 – Revisiting the problem areas and reviews) 11:00am – 2:00pm
* Please pack your lunch
Age Group: 10+ years
Discounted Fee: Rs. 1500/- per head. Till 25th of May
Fee: Rs. 2000/- per head. After 25th of May
For more info contact: 8884999599
Tickets are available at EventHigh:

Sunday | 28th May 2017 | 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM

World of Paintings
No. 203, 2nd Main Rd
1st Stage, Nagarabhavi,
Bengaluru – 72

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