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Creativity Thirst Quencher.

May 28, 2017

The Bold Exhibits Curated Creative Affair successfully quenched Bangalore’s thirst for creativity!

The Bold Exhibits first ever eclectic curation of art, craft, design and film by creative professionals in Bangalore proved to be a successful first instalment. The event was a melting pot of artistic ability and talent, ranging from young and established filmmakers, artists, budding designers, photographers and more.

Malvika Thapa, a Bangalore based Art Director said, “I have just moved to Bangalore and it was very heartening to see the seriousness with which creativity is approached with in the city. The designer in me was ecstatic to finally find a community of genuine lovers of authentic art, in whatever form it may be.”

The exhibitors at this curated affair ranged from, Nikitha Satish, a fashion enthusiast who reinvents classic textile, traditional motifs of Karnataka with contemporary designs under the label ‘Dori’. Rajshree Saraf, an illustrator, photographer, communication designer who creates modernist and minimalist design. Aakash Kedia, an entrepreneur, designer and a photographer who believes in capturing the smaller and the essential moments of life, just how they are. He showcased a series of photographs on his take on Indian Street Photography.

It is interesting to note that The Bold Exhibit received film entries from across the world, some of the selected films were ‘Mae and Ash’ by Shuchi Talati, Director based in New York, ‘Tade’ by Smriti Mehra, a video artist from Canada and ‘JLT’s Project Indian Bride’ by a London based production house, JLTFilms. With films running on loop, modern equipment and comfortable sofas, Bangalore welcomed the unique viewing experience with open arms.

“We are very happy with our first TBE, the response we received was overwhelming. We are definitely planning to make this an annual affair.” said Vanshaj Kapur, founder of The Bold Exhibit.

List of Exhibitors

Nikitha Satish
Company: Dori Design
Category: Fashion

Nikitha Satish is a fashion enthusiast. Under the label ‘Dori’ she reinvents classic textile while her artisans cast a spell on the traditional motifs of Karnataka with contemporary designs.

Aarohi Singh
Company: Art By Aarohi
Category: Art

“Aarohi Singh is an artist with an eponymous label ‘Art by Aarohi’ for merchandise. Her endeavors The Poonchh Collection, The Fusion Projects, and Effortless Friendships have garnered a lot of attention. She also won the Fempowerment Women Achievers award in 2016.

Company: Pariha Design Studio
Category: Fashion

Parinitha, the brain and brawn behind the label Pariha, creates beautiful contemporary Indian Wear, with ‘Cultural Rediscovery’ being the core philosophy.

Felix Jakson
Category: Art

Felix Jackson is a designer and an artist who pursues drawing as an effective means of conveying varied emotional states and psychological narratives.

Snehal Kanodia
Category: Photoartist

Snehal Kanodia is a photographer with an artistic flair. She graduated from Shrishti School of Art & Design and studied under Ami Vitale and Lana Slezic. Her work has been exhibited at The Tate modern, Kochi biennale, Kolkata photography festival amongst others.

Hassan Barmawar
Company: Unearth
Category: Designer

Founder at Unearth

Hassan is a business enthusiast whose passion for design lead to the conception of ‘Unearth’, an independent home decor boutique that delves deep into the flavours of simple yet classy.

Company: Glasshopper
Category: Glass Artist

Saarus Nirhali, a former lawyer, is an original stained glass artist who specialises in ‘Tiffany style’ stained glass pieces where each piece of glass is cut and soldered or fused together with metals like copper and lead. Her work includes door and window panels, lampshades, sun-catchers, jewellery and home decor.

Company: Gingerline
Category: Designer

Shubreet Sidhu is the founder and creative director of Gingerline Homedecor, a quirky and fun home decor brand with a unique design philosophy. She has always had an affinity for elemental design and a penchant for creating pieces of art from unconventional materials and objects that would otherwise go un-noticed. Gingerline’s products are crafted in an attempt to inspire creativity.

Rajshree Saraf
Category: Photoartist

Rajshree Saraf is an illustrator, photographer, communication designer; basically all of it, for the fear of missing out. Studying communication design at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata, she’s a modernist, a minimalist and a perfectionist.

Karan Kumar
Category: Illustrator

Karan Kumar is an illustrator, artist and designer from Pune. He has been practising art since a very young age and tries to draw a line between traditional techniques and digital rendering. He is currently graduating from Srishti Institute of Art, design and Technology and has a flare to create new and exciting work. “I have always tried to bring out a sense of adventure in my illustration, with each fragment of the form weaving a narrative”. The series of work displayed is an exploration of ink on paper coupled with some digital touches. A style created in its own chaos, Karan invites a viewer to engage with the image and become part of its story.

Aakash Kedia
Category: Photographer

Aakash Kedia is an entrepreneur, designer and a photographer based in Bangalore. He completed his Undergraduate program from Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Bangalore. He is now the co-founder of two brands – Dukaan and Studio Basic. His love for simplicity and an eye for detail is reflected in his work as well. Dukaan has a range of lifestyle products with clean and geometric designs, and Studio Basic believes in capturing the smaller and the essential moments of life, just how they are. This series of photographs is from Aakash’s take on Indian Street photography. What seems to amuse him is not the chaos, but the calm, and the clean lines which manage to exist around us. This is Aakash’s everyday, which inspired him to bring this collection together.

Rashi Sinha
Category: Designer

Rashi Sinha, graphic designer by profession, artist by default. A mass media graduate with a post graduate in Visual Communication design from Srishti, Bangalore. Rashi says everything is art, then I am an artist. My work resonates with the mundane and a little bit of daydreaming, with subjects varying from characters in a book to a fish bowl by the sofa. Technique is the hero in anything I do. Texture doesn’t come from a computer for me, it comes from seeing what the world can do to a piece of paper. So a humble bottle of ink, some crisp white sheets of paper and The Beatles is how I imagine my happy place; where these pieces have come from.

The Bold Exhibits was held at The Bold Creative,
#6, 1st Cross Rd, Stage 2,
Bengaluru 560038.

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