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Jackfruit ’17 – a music festival for children by Children

June 2, 2017

Bhoomija presents Jackfruit ’17 – a music festival for children by Children

Two exquisite and signature children’s ensembles, under “Jackfruit”, its Music for Children programme

Mridangam legend Sri Umayalpuram Sivaraman leads and directs Jackfruit’s annual Percussion Ensemble. Bhoomija’s Children’s Carnatic Choir is conceptualised and directed by the young award winning singer, Sriranjani Santhanagopalan. Bhoomija’s Children’s Carnatic Choir is a fundraiser for Drishti Eye Hospital’s free cataract surgery drive, in a “children for the aged” concept. GCL ( is our generous “Music by Children” supporter.

The Percussion Ensemble plays on Sat, Jun 3 while the Children’s Carnatic Choir is on Sat, Jun 4.

The Percussion Ensemble has become bigger with young musicians (under 18) coming from many places – Bangalore, Hubballi, Jaisalmer (Manganiyar children) Trivandrum and Chennai. The Mridangam Maestro Sri Umayalpuram Sivaraman directs and leads it.


The Children’s Carnatic Choir, directed by Sriranjani Santhanagopalan, has 16 children from Bangalore under the age of 15.




The young Satish Ragunathan, who was an Additional Scorer/ Orchestrator of Kabali, has designed Western Harmonies and Instrumentation for the show.



Sharanya Ramprakash, an award winning Theatre Director, Writer and Actor, is the Creative Director of the Choir. Some of Bangalore’s very talented instrumentalists chime in as the orchestra. Costumes are designed by Divya Runwal, in the handmade, organically dyed fabrics of Charaka.


“Both the shows put together, 30 children are training under senior musicians. These children come from a diverse background, different cities and are learning from different Gurus. The very idea of Jackfruit is the coming together of youngsters in this way. Indian Classical music is a demanding, solo pursuit. We hope that these brief interactions in a group with a maestro benefits the children immensely”, says Gayathri Krishna, the Managing Trustee of Bhoomija.

Tickets are available on

3rd and 4th June 2017 | 7:00 PM

MLR Convention Centre,
Brigade Millenium Campus,
JP Nagar,
Bengaluru 560078

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