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Ramzan Iftar walk

June 2, 2017
Bengaluru by Foot is organising Ramzan Iftar walk in Frazer town.
Join us on this exclusive Ramzan Iftar party in Fraser town, where our guests get to feast on a spread consisting of more than 12-14 different courses of Muslim cuisine from different parts of the country.
Some of the dishes available to taste are Harira, Samosas, Brain puffs, Haleem, Kutt, Sheermal naan with chicken/mutton gravy, 2-3 types of biryani, desserts like egg pudding, khubani ka meetha, Shawarma rolls, Quail, sheekh kebabs, Double ka meetha, Khoya naan, Chauba puri and naan, Halwa puri, etc. Some of the delicacies to be served will be home-made & are not available anywhere. In between all these food you get some great Sulaimani chai too.
In between bites get a few bytes of the local history as well as the tradition of Ramzan & fasting in Islam.
Avail all these dishes in the comforts of some nice restaurants without fear of getting drenched in the rains or having your wallets picked.
Duration : 2.5 hours to 3 hours.
To register, send name & contact details to – “”
PS: In order to enjoy this feast please fast during the day.
Ticketing Link:
Friday 2nd June 2017 | 5:30 PM
One Comment
  1. orangewayfarer permalink

    Wow. I love the food spread at frazer town, I prefer to call it mosque road
    Check out my blog on Kormangala good fest for Ramadan.


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