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ATTAGIRL and Oceantied at #BassickSense

June 15, 2017

KRUNK x Church Street Social presents ATTAGIRL and Oceantied at #BassickSense Vol 13

About Bassick Sense
Bassick Sense, is a Social exclusive club night that is aimed at showcasing genres of music that are heavy on bass in a setting and manner that is accessible and easy for the uninitiat-ed. In association with KRUNK the biggest roster and promoter of bass music artists in In-dia, Bassick Sense is now in it’s twelth edition and will take place across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. About ATTAGIRL ATTAGIRL! is a DJ/Event collective established in 2013 as a passion project with the aim of providing a platform for females in music and art and to empower them in an open and accessible community. Currently run by 4 female DJs (A/K/A, Durio, Fatim and Jaydah) and a visualist (Empyreal), their humble beginnings started with small DJ nights at vari-ous venues such as Zouk, Butter Factory, Home Club, etc, choosing to focus on pushing leftfield genres of music and giving a space for aspiring girl DJS and beatmakers to exper-iment, explore and establish new connections. They’ve since collaborated and worked with several entities in promoting this agenda, and their inaugural Anniversary Party in 2015 sparked the tradition of continuing one of the biggest underground nights in Singapore not only by celebrating music, art and women across labels, genres and age, but also giving back to the community via gig proceeds and charity exhibitions. DuriO- DJ, Co-founder Page: Mixcloud: A/K/A Sounds- DJ, Co-founder Page: Mixcloud: Soundcloud: About Oceantied Oceantied is the solo electronic project started by Until We Last guitarist Ketan Bahirat and is an exploration of Ketan’s electronic music headspace. Oceantied’s music can be am-bient, dancey, upbeat or anything in between. His music explores two main sides of the spectrum with downtempo tracks, alongside fast-paced footwork & jungle music. Oceantied has shared the stage with the likes of AMIT, Sam Binga, Zed Bias, Lapalux & a bunch more.Fresh from his return from Red Bull Music Academy Montreal and spreading his unique brand of melodies all over the globe, Ketan Bahirat is all set to release his debut EP ‘Tribes’ under his solo project Oceantied on December 2nd 2016. ‘Tribes’, which has been in the works for two years, takes inspiration from Bahirat’s views of the world around him. Polished with lessons from Bahirat’s experience at the Red Bull Music Academy, ‘Tribes’ promises to be a listening delight for music lovers, genre no bar. From new age footwork and jungle, eclectic electronic beats made through found sound to recordings on Indian streets and samples from field recordings, ‘Tribes’ has it all. Czech Republic, Malta, Finland and Croatia have all witnessed Ketan’s magic.

Apart from his constant involvement in playing live shows at clubs, venues and festivals around the country with Oceantied as well as Until We Last, Ketan Bahirat also works on the other side of music actively, where he has most recently created a property called Pro-ducer Circle, to help producers gather, collaborate and grow in an ecosystem of local mu-sic. He also founded the city collective Hybrid Cycle in 2015. He also co-founded an artist collective called Dasta. Dasta is the coming together of 6 unique artists and creators as a platform pushing culture, collaboration and community.

Friday | 16th June 2017 | 10:00 PM

Church street Social
No-46/1, Cobalt Building,
Church Street,
Bengaluru – 560001.

Entry is free/ Club rules apply post 9 PM

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