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#NowGrowing Casual Arts

June 17, 2017

#NowGrowing Casual Arts

Performing Arts with PaperMoon ft DJ Lethal & Anup KR
Portrait Painting Workshop with Murali Krishna

#nowgrowing Performing Arts | PaperMoon ft. DJ Lethal A & Anup KR: An in-titative by InkWeaver, PaperMoon is a space for and by performance artists. It’s a platform to introduce and show case various art forms and help performers grow via a constructive feedback session.

Every month, the much lauded stalwarts of the local scene are featured in the showcase, the ones who make art in a way that lingers in your mind long after you’ve witnessed it. And every month, more performers are added to the family!

#nowgrowing , Social brings you a Portrait Painting Workshop w/ Murali where you will be taken through the process of painting a figurative portrait after some art theory, in the calming lush vibes of Koramangala Social. All art supplies will be provided by the artist; all you need to do is be there 🙂

The idea of #nowgrowing is to simply celebrate growth. Of something as literal as a startup coming up with ways to adopt sustainable living. Or, as metaphorical as a movement for local art to transcend boundaries. As physical as a vertical garden or as intangible as an ab-stract art experience. Social wishes to celebrate the freshness of such things and they begin in June 2017 with a wide array of offline experiences ranging from workshops to showcas-es.

Artist, designer and teacher, Murali Krishna is a creative & critical thinker. He is a self taught artist with a very unique painting style and an astonishing ability to capture human emotions.

His experinces in theatre, music, writing, yoga and spirituality brings a lot of depth and significance to his works. Murali’s creative process involves spending a lot of time in study, research and meditation. His unique ability to tell stories through his art has been a great fascination to many.

His paintings have been featured in publications, online museums and exhibitions throughout the world.

Tickets: INR 1500 incl F&B

Sunday | 18th June 2017 | 10:00 AM

Koramangala Social
118, 3rd Floor, Koramangala Industrial Area,
7th Block, Above Bodyworks Spa,
Bengaluru 56009.

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