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International Yoga Day at NGMA Bengaluru

June 20, 2017

Talk on ‘Yoga’
significance and benefits in today’s time, by Uma Gautam
followed by
Screening of ‘History of Yoga’
a film by Deepika Kothari & Ramji Om

organised on the occasion of International Yoga Day
​National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru
(Ministry of Culture, Government of India)​
​in collaboration with
Bharat Thakur Artistic Yoga

History of Yoga, directed by Ramji Om and Deepika Kothari is a English documentary of 98 minutes. The film traces the origin of yoga in the Harappan civilization, and its subsequent development in Vedic, Jain, Buddhist and other doctrines. It makes references to hatha yogic practices of medieval times wherein the focus of study and practice was to conquer disease, aging and death. The film’s journey in time comes to a halt in the 19th century where modern science acknowledges the potential of yoga in a new light. Besides views from eminent scholars on the subject, the film includes historical and archaeological evidence filmed at 80 archaeological sites, relics and wall paintings from 35 museums and also glimpses of rare manuscripts.

Admission is free on first come first serve basis.

Wednesday | 21st June 2017 | 4:30 PM

National Gallery of Modern Art
# 49, Manikyavelu Mansion,
Palace Road,
Bengaluru 560052.

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