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Organic Terrace Gardening Workshop

June 30, 2017

Organic Terrace Gardening Workshop

organised by Garden city Farmers (GCF) is an NGO with a focus of educating chtizens on the benefits of organically grown food, need for urban farming, fostering urban farm/kitchen gardens and reducing food miles leading to a healty ecosystem.

The purpose of the workshop is to deal with many basics of container vegetable gardening through safer and simple practices, with respect to seeds, seedlings, light, water and nutrition requirements, pests, diseases and their home remedies . In the process, broader issues related to waste segregation, wet waste composting, water for plants, are practically demonstrated.

Topics covered:
Need for urban farming/gardening
Seeds and storage,
Containers and crops
Garden plans and designs
Home Composting methods
Plant care in container/kitchen gardening

Workshop Fee: Rs.1500/- per person.
Fee includes a Handbook on ‘Organic Terrace Gardening’ by Dr.B.N Vishwanath and Lunch

for Registration contact
Dr.B.N Vishwanath 9845627217
Dr.Rajendra Hegde 9448629528

Saturday | 8th July 2017

Garden City Farmers,
503, 4th Main, 6th Cross,
Kengeri Satellite Town,

Directions to the Venue:

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