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“Kalari Buds” – Kalaripayattu Performance.

July 8, 2017

The energetic and sprightly kids of Kalari Gurukulam presents “Kalari Buds” – Kalaripayattu Performance

The performance is the upshot of the residential camp conducted at the Gurukulam.

Kalari Buds – Kalari Sadhana, Anubhava and Pradarsana

Kalari Academy of Performing Arts, founded by Ranjan Mullaratt, is the first and foremost institution established for propagation of Kalaripayattu in Bengaluru. They have developed a unique pedagogy that trains children in this martial art form.

They are currently training more than 150 students in the art form, and 35 students were part of a two week residential camp in April- May 2017, with intense training designed towards Kalari Sadhana, Anubhava and Pradarshana.

Kalari Sadhana
The primary objective of this programme is to address physical and mental health requirements of the child through a basic training regimen rooted in Kalaripayattu. The child is prepared to actualize and harness one’s own body-mind and power – previously employed on the battlefield – for use in daily life.

Along with the techniques of body conditioning and self defense, the kids are uniquely trained in the acrobatic form of ‘aerial fabric’ which improves their agility and flexibility. These young minds and bodies are trained to achieve strength, flexibility and a sharp focus of mind.

Kalari Anubhava
Kalari Anubhava is to experience and bring forth the essence of kalaripayattu, providing students with an opportunity to advance their kalari skills.

Kalari Anubhava challenges us to fine tune our skills, broaden our knowledge and be perceptive of the environment. With this, we can put ourselves against others, and assess where we stand.

Kalari Pradarsana
Kalari Pradarsana is an experimental platform for children to explore their creativity. Students showcase their talent through the martial art form of Kalaripayattu. The kids trained with kalari masters, engaged with movement artistsand explored the martial art form to discover their creativity and express themselves through choreographed movements.

As part of Kalari pradarsana, The students of Kalari gurukulam staging their creativity through an innovative kalarippayattu performance.

Chief Guest Mr.Ganesh Rao Mane

Kalaripayattu Performance on Sunday | 9th July 2017 | 3:30 PM

Bal Bhavan,
Cubbon Park.

Entry Free

Photography and Videography Prohibited during the show

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