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‘Art Square’ – Group Art Show

July 10, 2017

Watercolorists of Bengaluru presents ‘Art Square’ Group Art Show

Participating Artists:
Spoorthy Murali, Madhu Kumar, Kanth Raj, Ravindra Mahale.

Spoorthy Murali, Madhu Kumar, Kanth Raj and Ravindra Mahale are Watercolor Artists from BengaLuru. In their Art group show ‘Art Square’, they present their latest Watercolor works. Each of them has a distinctly unique way of using Watercolors. Spoorthy Murali’s works on elephants capture the essence that elephants show many traits which are remarkably similar to that of humans. Madhu’s plein air works captures atmosphere and light in architectural subjects. Kanthraj’s works are mysterious, surreal compositions, derived from his imagination. Ravindra Mahale captures long shots of city scenes, and in this exhibition he presents some of his best landscapes in watercolors. Jointly their works celebrate the spontaneity, fluidity and dynamic nature of watercolors.

Spoorthy Murali in the group show ‘Art Square’ showcases her watercolour paintings of Elephants. Her works capture the essence that elephants show many traits which are remarkably similar to that of humans. The face of an elephant exudes elegance, pride and composure. Elephants display strong family bonding, and are in constant interaction with their young ones, guiding them and protecting them at every step. Elephants intertwine their trunks and rub against each other, much like how we shake hands and hug. Spoorthy’s works celebrates these non verbal cues in elephants, which are bound to evoke empathy in the viewer. Her works are sensitive; they tug at the heart and stimulate the mind. Spoorthy Murali has renounced her IT job for her love of colors. She has done shows across cities in India. Her works have been received very well across many cities in India, and in overseas including – US, UK, Dubai, Denmark and Singapore.

Madhu Kumar is a Watercolour artist living and working from Bengaluru. His art journey started in 2007 while working in Singapore (as an IT professional) when he joined an art class. His talent gained him entry to Singapore Watercolour Society in 2011 and served as Assistant Secretary-General in 2013. He has participated in various Group/Annual shows in Singapore and India. His Artworks have been collected in India and abroad. He also had his successful first solo exhibition in Singapore recently.

Madhu often paints/sketches plein-air. He is excited by dynamic behavior of the Watercolour. He loves to capture atmosphere, weather conditions and light. His favourite subjects include landscape, architectural subjects and street scenes. In ‘Art Square’ Madhu will present some of his plein air paintings.

Kanth Raj is a Bengaluru based artist, who enjoys painting in all media. He is gifted with imagination and loves to be inventive and versatile. In his paintings, he creates mysterious, surreal compositions. He is inspired by the colors in nature and his paintings show his play in colors. He has done his D.M.C (Drawing Master Course), D.F.A (Diploma in fine arts), A.M.C (Art Master Course),MFA (Master in Fine Art) and is an accomplished artist. His work has brought him many laurels including Karnataka Lalithkala Academy Award, 2014, YuvaChetana Award, 2008 and 2010, Kempe Gowda Utsava, Award, 2011 etc. He has held many solo and group shows across India and his works are very well received in India and overseas.

Ravindra Mahale, is works as Assistant Manager in Textile Designs for one of the leading retail firms in India. He passionately pursues watercolour painting along with his professional endeavors. Ravindra has done many plein air studies. He loves to capture the long shots of a scene, and in this exhibition he presents some of his best landscapes in watercolors.

Inauguration: By Sri Girish Kasaravalli on 12th July at 6:00 PM.

The group show on view from 12th to 16th July 2017 | 11.00 AM to 7.00 PM

Watercolor Demos:
15th July at 3:00 PM by Ravindra Mahale
16th July at 11:00 PM by Madhu Kumar
16th July at 3:00 PM by Kanthraj

Karnataka #ChitrakalaParishath
#Art Complex,
Kumara Krupa Road,
Near Shivananda Circle,
Kumara Park East
Bengaluru-560 001.

Directions to the Venue :

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