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“Tipu Sultan Ke Khwaab” – Hindustanti Play.

July 11, 2017

Kathputliyaan Theatre Group presents “Tipu Sultan Ke Khwaab” Hindustanti Play

Playwright: Girish Karnad
Translated and Directed by Zafer Moiuddin
Music & Vocals: Ustad Faiyaz Khan

About the Play:
The figure of Tipu Sultan has continued to dominate Indian and British imagination for over 2 centuries as the endless flow of scholarly works, ballads, plays and novels about his tempestuous life and tragic end. However, what is less known is that, Tipu Sultan spent a large part of his life on horseback, maintained a record of his dreams, which he kept concealed from his close associates.

Tipu Sultan ke Khwaab examines the inner life of this warrior, political visionary and dreamer. The English version of this play was commissioned by the BBC and broadcast in Britian on the fiftieth anniversary of Indian Indpendence.

Tipu Sultan, one of the most politically perceptive and tragic figure in modern Indian history fascinated many playwrights for his bravery and courage in fighting against the British during the 18th century. He is known for a series of spectacular battles in and around the present state of Karnataka.

The play presents Tipu Sultan refracted through history in a different perspective – that of independent India and resues him from distorted colonial perceptions. More importantly, the play is a collective sense of reclamation of history, a truth too close to our hearts, of all the Kannadigas who have achieved national eminence in the last four centuries. Tipu Sultan stands out unparalleled both for his vision and valour.

This play was earlier staged in English as well as Kannada by different theatre grups but this is the first time an attempt is being made to stage in Hindustanti ie Hindi and Urdu with a touch of our own Deccani as Tipu Sultan was born in Devanahalli near Bangalore.

The purpose of staging this play is to highlight the achiements and struggles of Tipu Sultan and his immencse contribution towards our motherland. This play is a magnum opus produced on a large scale with 25 actors on stage with period costumes, realistic make up and specially designed props with an intricate light and sound design. This is truly a theatrical extravaganza to behold.

About the Playwright Girish Karnad
Girish Karnad is the World theatre Ambassador of the international Theatre Institute, Paris (ITI)and also a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. Apart from his work in Theatre, he has directed and acted in films. He has served as Director, Film and Television Institute of India, Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy (The National Academy of Performing Arts) and Director, The Nehru Centre, London. He was visiting professor and Playwright-on –Residence at the Unviersity of Chicago. The Guthrie Theatre, Minneapolis in the US and the Haymarket Theatre, Leicester in the UK, have been among the theatres that commissioned him to write for them. He has been honoured with Padma Bhushan and was conferred the prestigious Jnanpith Award.

Profile of Director Zafer Mohiuddin:
An architect by profession, he is actively involved in theatre since 1979. He has worked with well-known theatre groups such as SAMUDAYA, BANGALORE LITTLE THEATRE (BLT), MANCH and so on and later formed his own theatre group called ‘Kathputliyaan’ – theatre with a purpose.

His first production was under the banner of Kathputliyaan was a satire written and directed by him titled “Zahaan Mili Hai Magar…”. Some of the other plays he has directed include Vaastu Chakkar, Darwaze khol do, Taj Mahal ka tender, and Khayal ki Dastak to name a few. He has acted in many plays and also recently seen in Bikhre Bimb along with Arundati Nag which was directed by Girish Karnad

Zafer Mohiuddin is known for his baritone voice and is a popular voice-over artiste in Bangalore especially for Hindi and Urdu voice-over. He has also rendered his voice for many films , advertisements and documentaries; while having written many scripts and dialogues of which Malgudi Days was one of his most prominent works..

Costumes: G.S Jayanti
Lighting: Pradeep Belawadi
Makeup: Ramki and Umesh
Music & Vocals: Ustad Faiyaz Khan

Entry passes will be given at the venue half an hour before the play

Tipu Sultan Ke Khwaab on Friday | 14th July 2017 | 7:00 PM

Chowdiah Memorial Hall
16th Cross,
Gayathri Devi Park Extension,
Bengaluru 560003.

Directions to the Venue :

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