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The forgotten clock tower of Russell market – Walk at Shivajinagar

July 15, 2017

The forgotten clock tower of Russell market.
Walk at Shivajinagar organised by Bengaluru by Foot

Another exclusive walk in Shivajinagar which takes us to the sights and sounds around the iconic Russell market.

Everyone knows that Russell market was completed in 1927 by the British, but what not many know is the fact that there once stood an earlier market on the same spot called as the “New market”. This had a central clock tower which was reused in the Russell market super structure. Was it a con job to grab government funds for a job not done or was it the fact that the tower was an architectural masterpiece which the builders didn’t want to demolish. Join to unravel the truth behind this with some old photos and maps in between tasting dates from all across the globe.

You also get to meet some wrestlers & pay respects at a church, a temple and the tomb of a Sufi saint on this walk.

Also included are a visit to an iconic bakery and a South Indian restaurant in this area.

1. Cost of this walk is INR 600/- with 25% off for senior citizens above 60 years & children between 9-16 years.
2. A minimum of 4 people [who have made payment in advance] is required to conduct a walk. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the walk if there are less than 4 walkers.
3. Bengaluru by foot takes advance payment for all walks and tours.
4. Once you buy the tickets, The organisers will intimate you about the starting point of the walk.
5. In case you buy the ticket but are unable to attend the walk, you can be accommodated on a similar walk over the next three months.
6. In case the organisers are unable to conduct this walk, the entire amount paid in advance by the walkers will be refunded

Ticketing link:

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