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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah on 92.7 BIG FM

July 22, 2017

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah talks about his childhood on 92.7 BIG FM’s BIG COFFEE

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way – were the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt!

Well the best and the first of the “planning” is ready to unfold in front of us. Like never before Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah opens up to RJ Shruti from 92.7BIG FM in a candid tete-a-tete conversation with RJ Shruti.

Speaking about his school days and career he says, “My teachers used to fondly call me S3 (S cube). My father always wanted me to become a doctor but there was a reason that kept me away from fulfilling my father’s dream.”

Talking about being punctual and his cooking skills he will further reveal, “It’s not my wife, phone or alarm but it’s my biological clock that wakes me up everyday at 6:30am. I know to cook rice and upma.”

The 5 things he revealed about himself that no one knew got RJ Shruti in splits and awe at times. The show will hear him passionately discuss about a hunger free Karnataka and link it back to his childhood and why he choose “Food for All” as his main aim. The cherry on top will be when he agrees to fulfill RJ Shruti’s wish of seeing him in casual attire!!!

This is just the trailer like they say.Tune in to 92.7 BIG Coffee this Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, the 25th 26th and 27th of July with Shruti to hear the entire movie. Know the reason behind why was he called S cube, why he never became a doctor despite his favourite subjects being Maths and Science and much more. Show Timings 7 -11 am

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