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Houses of Malgudi : Part II in Malleswaram

July 27, 2017

Bengaluru by Foot is organisng a Walk “Houses of Malgudi : Part II in Malleswaram”

This is another popular walk by Bengaluru by Foot in Malleswaram. This walk focuses on the Urban planning techniques as well as the construction of heritage homes using technologies which are termed redundant nowadays.

This walk is not connected in anyways to the famous “Malgudi” days serial in anyways. “Mal” is for part two of heritage homes walk in Malleswaram & “gudi” is for Basavanagudi where the organisers are doing part 1 of this walk.

Thanks to the generous owners, we even get to take a peak inside these homes. Also included are tales about the old Malleswaram of yore, the history about the original builders of these houses, the planning of Malleswaram, construction techniques of old houses & the way to preserve these homes for future generations.

The walk starts with a nice breakfast at a heritage home with loads of history of it’s own, which has now been converted into a hotel.

For more details send an email to

Not suited for those with any walk related ailments.

Ticketing Link:

Saturday | 29th July 2017 | 8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

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