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Lecture Demonstration – Poetry in Motion

July 28, 2017

Lecture Demonstration – Poetry in Motion. The poetic and storytelling roots of Kathak by Madhu Nataraj arranged by Bangalore International Centre.

About the topic
Kathak has its roots in storytelling. From the age old ‘Sahitya’ or literature of Kathak, to the rich repository of the medieval storytelling, this lecture-demonstration will explore the link between kathak and poetry. Madhu will focus on the profound Kannada Vachanas or poetry of the 12th century women mystics called Sharanes: Lingamma, Muktayakka, Molige Mahadevi and the radical poet Akkamahadevi. In a dance piece called “Nirvayya: dissolving in divinity,” Madhu will demonstrate how these mystics sought to “vanish without a trace, like camphor on fire.’ Similarly, poetry and kathak dissolve into each other, leaving the viewer with a feeling of transcendence, bliss and dissolution of self. She will also perform and talk about Bhakti poets like Surdas and Tulsidas, as well as Sufi poets like Amir Khusrau, Ibrahim Adil Shah (Deccan Empire) and contemporary poets like Rabindranath Tagore and Masti Venkatesh Iyengar. The presentation will offer a glimpse into the world of love, communal harmony, feminism and dissent as expressed in poetry and kathak.

Madhu Nataraj
Performer, choreographer, educator and arts entrepreneur, Madhu Nataraj was chosen as one of India’s 50 young achiever’s by India Today magazine. She has received several awards including the ‘Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar’ from the central Sangeet Natak Akademi. She studied Kathak from her mother Dr Maya Rao, with emphasis on the Abhinaya/ expressive aspect and from Guru Chita Venugopal. Trained in contemporary dance in New York, Madhu has degrees in commerce, journalism and choreography. As founder of the Natya STEM Dance Kampni, Madhu has created over 90 choreographic works in the 21 years of the Kampni’s existence and has toured the world to share her knowledge of and passion for kathak and Indian contemporary dance.

Lecture Demonstration on Monday | 31st July 2017 | 6.30 PM

Bangalore International Centre,
TERI Complex,
4th Main, 2nd Stage,
Domlur II Stage,
Bangalore – 560 071.

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