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Living Stories, Vol. 1: Mental Health

July 31, 2017

#SocialSupports & YourDOST presents — Living Stories, Vol. 1: Mental Health
Conceptualised and Curated by Sanchana Krishnan

In three years, Social has grown to become a hub for the best in art, design and innovation that’s organic and mouldable enough to grow in any which way people want it to. It’s a kick starter in the flesh where a great concept could find funding in the span of a conversation. It’s a makers space, a do-er’s abode and a go-getter’s go to spot. Culturally charged, Social is a café, a bar and a restaurant but when you dig a little deeper you’ll be surprised to dis-cover what a creatively charged collaborative workspace it is beneath the surface. Its unique ambience and a sense of fostering various communities, at it’s very core, has revo-lutionised the nature of work and play at the same time.

#SocialSupports those who care for the world we live in and over the last few months, this has extended from the Pride March in Mumbai to Say No To Tobacco on World Environ-ment Day in Bangalore to Anosh Irani’s book “The Parcel”. And now, #SocialSupports a movement dedicated to raising awareness about mental health and to help the ones who seek it.

“Living Stories” is a project to initiate 1-1 conversations between a person who acts as a book and others who come as readers. The first edition of this project is solely dedicated to Mental Health (and the lack thereof). The idea is for people to share specific life experienc-es in the form of stories as they become books, whom interested readers can issue and read, through personal conversations.

The first edition is dedicated to Mental Health and is curated by Sanchana Krishnan, a writer, photographer and travel freak with a personal mission to work on mental health. It is held in association with Social Offline and YourDOST., a leading organisation in the mental wellness space, is an online counsel-ling platform which connects people anonymously with experts – psychologists, career coaches and other counsellors for guidance related to personal, professional or academic matters.

For the association, YourDOST brings their unparalleled knowledge, network and exper-tise to the project.

More about Living Stories, Vol.1: Mental Health
Volume 1 of Living Stories will feature youngsters whose experiences range from diagnosis of bipolar and borderline personality disorder to nights of insomnia or days flooded with anxiety. It will also showcase stories by experienced professionals and chart out their men-tal health journeys.

The curator believes that this event is extremely important for both the books and their readers, in very different ways. For the books, this experience is a catharsis of sorts. Here are people, who are not friends or loved ones only, who are willingly investing their time and resources into listening to the stories of an absolute stranger.

This event is an attempt at creating a space of acceptance of the need for good mental health and healthcare, of the ugly realities that are the consequences of mental illnesses. The organisers hope to promote compassion by disseminating knowledge, in the form of stories. This event is a starting point.

As for the readers — the hope is that they walk in with a mind filled with curiosity, unhin-dered by judgement. They will be spending at least an hour listening to intimate life expe-riences. This is for them to muster strength for getting help and asking for it, if there are those in need.

The organisers see this is as a catalyst for people to start taking their mental health just as seriously as they would their physical health.

Living Stories: Vol 1, Mental Health will have over 15 books in Bangalore, Delhi and Mum-bai. They each have a unique story to tell – keep your mind wide open!

Tickets: INR 300 and available on

Saturday | 5th August 2017 | 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Koramangala Social,
118, 3rd Floor,
Koramangala Industrial Area,
7th Block, Above Bodyworks Spa,
Bengaluru- 560095.

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