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Independence Day Flower Show – August 2017 at Lalbagh Bengaluru

August 3, 2017

Independence Day Flower Show – August 2017 at Lalbagh Bengaluru

A Floral tribute to Rashtrakavi Kuvempu to mark the ocassion of the First Jnanapeetha Award accorded to Kannada 50 years ago.
Flower Show organised by Department of Horticulture and The Mysore Horticulture Society, Dr.M.H. Marigowda Memorial Hall, Lalbagh, Bengaluru.

Life/Works of Rasarushi, Raashtrakavi-Kuvempu (1904-1994)

The Mysore Horticulture Society, Lalbagh, Bengaluru was established in the year, 1912, by Sri G.H. Krumbiegel, then Superintendent of Lalbagh gardens, involving the elites of Bengaluru city and Horticulture enthusiasts of the erstwile Karnataka. Since it’s establishment, the Society has successfully completed 100 years in 2012. The Independence Day Flower Show – 2017 will be specially conducted in the month of August between 04-08-2017 and 15-08-2017 for 12 days. Since 1912, 205 flower shows have been organised and the current show will be the 206th event. The Lalbagh Flower Show has not only made its mark at the National level, but it has become most popular internationally.

The Department of Horticulture and Mysore Horticulture Society have been conducting two horticultural shows every year since 1922. Earlier the shows were called `Summer Show’ and ‘Winter Show’. However, since 1951 these shows are being termed as ‘Republic Day’ and `Independence Day Flower Shows’ and are being held during these National Festivals.

Lalbagh Flower shows have been renowned worldwide. The flower shows of Lalbagh are very popular for their quality and variety. Innumerable varieties of flowers, fruits, vegetables and numerous special varieties of decorative potted plants are grown and exhibited. The Lalbagh flower show has become incomparable at the National level. The show comprises exhibition of potted plants, Pushpabharati Art, Thai Art, Jannur, Ikebana, Bonsai, vegetable carving along with Decorative Gardening competitions being conducted as part of the flower show. The Glass House in which important flowers are exhibited was constructed as a Flower Conservatory and Exhibition House in the year 1889. Different varieties of potted plants, attractive flowers, fruits, vegetable plants are exhibited inside and outside the Glass House. This has become one of the popular attraction among the spectators.

The exhibition consists of more than 85 varieties of seasonal flowers, such as Medianalla, Curcuma, Anthorium, Orchids, Vinka, Bougainvilla, Impatience, Lilly, Agapanthus, Heliconia, Beonia, Coronation, Gulaabi, Cycloman, Petunia, Pinecitea, Delia, cold climate flowers and plants. Mysore Horticulture Society is not only contributing for the overall development of Horticulture Department, but also has been responding to the humanitarian needs. It has also donated Rs. 25 lakh to the Chief Minister’s fund towards North Karnataka’s neighbourhood. As part of the exhibit, an essay competition on (Kuvempu Samagra Jeevana Parichaya’ and `Kuvempu Makkala Saahitya,’ has been arranged at Dr. M.H. Marigowda Memorial Hall, for Higher Primary and Middle School students on 01-08- 2017, at 10am.

The Exhibition will be inaugurated by Honorable Governor of Karnataka, at the Glass House at 1pm on 04-08-2017.

Ikebana, vegetable carving, Pushpabharati, Bonsai, Dutch Flower arrangement, Thai Art, Janoor Dry flower arrangement art competition exhibits will be organized on August 5th and 6th at Dr. M.H. Marigowda Memorial Hall, Lalbagh. Prominent Poetess Smt. Kamala Hampana will be inaugurating on 05-08-2017, Saturday at 1pm.

As part of the exhibition, Decorative Gardening, Ikebana, Pushpabharati, Artwork, Vegetable Carving, Thai Art, Janoor, Bonsai and supplementary competitions, Terrace Gardening competitions have been organized and the prize distribution for the winners of these competitions will be held on 14-08-2017 at 2pm at Dr. M.H. Marigowda Memorial Hall, Lalbagh.

The expected audience for the show this time would be approximately 3.50 to 4 lakhs.

A flower show related to Sri Kuvempu has been organized with the guidance and co-operation of Prof. Nadoja Hampa Nagarajaiah, President of Raashtrakavi Kuvempu Pratisthana, Kuppali and Sri Kadidal Prakash, functional and Special Secretary of Raashtrakavi Pratistana, Kuppali. Also, the co-operation by the Department of Kannada & Culture, Department of Information and Public Relations, Kannada Development Authorities are highly appreciated.

`Kuvempu’ has been a cherished household name in the hearts of people of Karnataka. Born in a village in the foothills and nurtured by the breathless beauty of Sahyaadri, Kuvempu was a man of pure personality. This `Rushikavikusuma’ is a revived personality out of the incomplete world literature. Born in 1904, in Kuppalli, Teertahalli Taluk, Shivamogga district, the life story of this Universal Human, is indeed an epic. After completing primary and middle school education at Kuppali, in Teertahalli, he came to Mysore for high school education. Here after completing graduation, he started working as a teacher, professor, principal and went on to retire as Vice-Chancellor of the University.

Due to the efforts of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Vivekananda, Gandhi when the Indian Independence movement was at its peak, a wave of spiritual energy was created. Though influenced by this spiritual whirlpool, he never forsake his mother land, his companionship with neighborhood, love for the language and prospered like an astronaut. Due to the influence he had from English education and literature he starts with the literature works in English. As a start he published a poetry compilation called `Beginner’s Muse’. Thereafter with the influence of the Irish Poet James H. Cousins, he starts writing only in Kannada language.

`Kaadina Kolalidu, Kaada Kaviyunaa, Naadina Janarolidaalipudu’

These are the initial two lines of his first Kannada poetry compilation. With this start, his works on literature, epics, stories, novels, essays, dramas, biographies, infantile gets elevated at all levels. Overall, Kuvempu grows to be one of the naturally expressive, excellent representative of contemporary Indian Literature.

The environment in which he was born and raised had a deep impact on him. He believed that our earth would have been a barren land without birds, flowers and children. He was of the view that the entire Universe is the art work of the almighty. Kuvempu was such a unique spirit that he found God not only in nature but in each flower, leaf and dew drop. Hence, nature was the stable element of his literature.

He became one with the nature by singing

Hasurattal! Hasurittal! Hasurettal Kadalinali
Hasurgattito Kaviyaatmam Hasurnettal Odalinali

All in all, for Kuvempu the essence of life means ‘Beauty is God, ‘Love is worship’. In the end by describing Lord Raama as `Girivanapriya’ in his epic, Kuvempu shows his love for the nature too.

Attractions of the Glasshouse

1. This House of Flowers is the house of God which blossoms as the home of poet.

“Kaadu muttu kodutaliruva
Sobaga veedu nanna mane”

These are the lines from Kuvemu’s poem `Nanna Mane’. Kuppali was a village with only one house as his words said – My village is Kuppalli, but my house is not my entire village. Back here, a Village itself is a house.

The poet spent his childhood in the 200-year-old Trough house. It was in the midst of thick forest. This was a 2-storied house with an inner yard at the center, huge decorated pillars, with Maland artwork. This house has now been renovated into a museum. The study room, things, accolades, books and Malnad’s specialties used by him have been well exhibited. By walking around this house, we get a picture of his valuable childhood days and the depiction of malnad reflected in his literature.

Kuvempu had an inseparable attraction for this house. The same can be witnessed in his poem `Nanna Mane’.
Two paragraphs of the poem is as follows…

Tanna taayiyolida mane,
Nanna tande beleda mane;
Nanna geleyorodane koodi,
Naanunalida nanna mane!

Naanunudiyakalita mane,
Naanunadigeyarita mane;
Hakkibalagasutta koodi
Nalisuttidda nanna mane!

At the center of the Glass House, a 21 ft tall, 30 ft wide, 38 ft long Kuvempu’s house replica, made out of attractive Red, Yellow, White, Coloured Roses, White and Yellow coronation flowers, Orchids and selected breeds of leaves reminds of Kuppali’s original elegance. To keep the replica, that is being prepared with 3.5 lakh roses and other flowers, afresh throughout the show the flower arrangements will be made thrice. Hence an overall 10.5 lakh flowers will be used for this purpose. For the preparation of the replica of the poet’s house 22 skilled workers are engaged for 8 days. Also, for the arrangement of the flowers, 50 skilled experts are engaged.

Kavishaila is the hill, which is to the south of the poet’s house. We can see the prominence of this in the poet’s words. “Our house is sitting in the lap of the mountain. The coconut tree on one side of the house stretches along the house towards the mountain. The scalp of the mountain can be reached in 5-10 minutes. The top is full of boulders and the plains help to enjoy distant nature. These kind of places are unique in Malnad. Since it is full of thick forests, these plains with boulders are rare sight. And so on, a hill which can be reached within 5-10 minutes from our house is indeed very rare.

Kaleya Kannilladavarige Kavishaila ondukallakaadu; Kalaavantanigeadusaggaveedu. IntahaKavishaialadalli-Mitrarira, maatillimailige! Summaniri:

Mounave Mahattiilli, eebaiguhottinali kavishailadali.
Prakrutideviya sobagu deguladi Anandave pooje;
Mounave mahastotra!

This Kavishaila was poet’s meditation. To view Malnad’s mountain ranges, Kundaadri and sunset from here was a feeling of attaining a fresh spirit. Malnad was a place, that the poet imagined the beauty in numerous dimensions. When in Kuppali, the poet always used to go to this place. We can see the influence of Kavishaila in his prose and verses. Within 6 days five sonnets were written on Kavishaila and it is very evident about the importance of Kavishaila in the poet’s life. Here the teachers of Kuvempu, Sri B.M. Shree and Sri T.S. Venkannaiah’s names have been carved with the original autographs. Finally, Kuvempu’s funeral was also held here. Now, there is a memorial of the poet. A majestic memorial has been built here, under the ideology of famous artist Sri K.T. Shivaprasad with the erection of two huge art pillars.

Surrounded by hills and plains and home for several plantations, Kavishaila inspired Kuvempu and was the mediation center for all his literature as well. Also, it became an eternal place of peace after his demise.

Currently, an effort to depict the realism of Kavishaila is underway at the heart of Lalbagh, the Glass House. The artwork arrangement of 2X2 ft wide, 10 ft tall pillars and 10 sculptural models designed by artist Sri Ranjan Ramachandra and his team of 30 artists brings memories of Kavishaila.

The sculpture at one side of Kavishaila which has engravements of the titles of B.M. Shree, Venkannaiah, Poornachandra Tejaswi and Kuvempu himself will mesmerize everyone.

3. Jagada Kaviya Yugada Saahitya Darshana

The poet who gave an anthem both to Karnataka and farmers was Kuvempu. Likewise, he is the proposer of Universality not only beyond Kannada state and language, but also Indian Nationality.

`Equal livelihood, Equal share to everyone’ was his Literary chanting. He gives the same love and respect to the shining Diamond on Lord Raama’s crown and also to the shining of a dew drop on the tip of a grass.

Vishvamaanava song, through which he gave a summary of literature to the mankind, both in Kannada English (translated by V.K. Gokak) have been released here. Regional and National songs are also included. Also, the initial poem in his famous novel `Malegalalli Madhumagalu’ – ‘No one is significant, no one is insignificant’ phrase is also used as a supplement to showcase his nature of equality.

Through his noted poem `Baarisu Kannada Dindimava, Kuvempu preached the importance of unity among Kannadigas.

On one side, is the reflection of selected literary works such as the epic, ‘Sri Ramayana Darshanam’. Whereas on the other side great articles published by the `RashtraKavi Kuvempu Pratishtaana’ is exhibited. As a mark of the centenary year of Jnanapeetha, a replica of the epic ‘Sri Ramayana Darshanant that fetched the first Jnanapeetha award to Kannada is placed in the centre.

4. Unveiling of Kuvempu – Kuppali – Kavishaila precinct

Bhaktiyadiyahudi – Kuvempu!
Guruhastadakidi – Kuvempu!
Nudiraaniyagudi – Kuvempu!
Sirigannadamudu – Kuvempu!
Irdumilladee Kuvempu!

A huge stone swag of Kuppalli and Kavishaila at the rear of the Glass House has been installed symbolically. The main attraction here will be the Kuvempu’s bust.

In between these, freshly arrived tricoloured Kurkooma flower arrangement, which is part of the Jnahjibaresi family brings much needed elegance to the show.

The Uniqueness in Selected Areas of Lalbagh

During flower shows the elegant glass house will always be the center of attraction. Controlling the huge crowd always becomes a challenge here. Keeping this in mind fruits and flowers have been exhibited in many parts of the sprawling Lalbagh. This will enable the visitors to cherish the beauty of the exhibits.

The portrayal of the below said finesse will be covered by the popular artist Shri John Devaraj. 1. Characterization of selected scenes from Kuvempu’s stories, novels and plays will be enacted at the place in between the huge Jawa Fig trees, near the stalls, after the glass house staircase.

i. Original view of Bommanahalli’s bagpiper

Kedharidha koodhala gaddadha jogi!
Naana bannadha batteya jogi!
Kaiyali kindharihididha jogi!

These lines depicting the replica of a giant Bagpiper followed by a nest of mice will excite the children.

ii. Scene from a drama of the Fisherman The imagery of a scene where the villagers go to Shiva’s temple to worship him, whereas a fisherman who believes ‘work is worship’ finds Shiva in his work.

iii. Depiction of a five year old girl Poovamma

Hennembene? Alla, kiri hudugi!
Kodagina kannadiyo ene bedagi!
Aidu vasantagalandada kodagi!
Hosa hoo aa hudugi!

which is a depiction of the description of Poovamma.

iv. Scene from the novel `Kanooru Heggadathi’
Kanneriyiri navakaantige, shaantige!
O Krantiyaputrare, baali!

is unveiled by a scene in which Hoovaiah, his family and the people from various class and creed sing together.

v. A scene from the novel Naleyalli Madumagalu’

Elli yaaru mukhyaralla;
Yaaru amukhyaralla endu saaruva
Kuvempu avara Maleyalli
Madumagalu kaadambariya
Paatragalaada gutthi matthu thimmi
Hulikal mantapada mele ninthu
Manjina naduve sooryodayavannu
Anandisuva sanniveshada prastuti

vi. Sri Ramayana Darshanam- Scene from Dashaanana swapnasiddi
1. A scene from the Epic poem Sri Ramayana Darshanam. A situation when the battered Ravana seeks the blessings of Mahadurge and offers her prayers after witnessing the death of Kumbakarna, Indajitu, etc.

2. Maralinalli Araluva ‘Negila Yogi’ The mesmerising performance by artists Shri B A Taresh Kumar, K L Harsha and P Prakash on a replica of a farmer from Kuvempu’s `Raitageete’.

3. Kuvempu’s Paper cup Mural The Cauford International School students have made a Guinness record, with their mural of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam prepared using Paper cups. Similarly, the students of Sahntinikethan School, Girinagar will exhibit 30×20 feet mural of Kuvempu’s face, using thousands of paper cups and water in front of the stalls.

4. A blossoming ball of Kuvempu Young artists Shri B A Taresh kumar, K L Harsha and P Prakash will unveil another facial expression of the Raashtrakavi using thousands of colourful balls.

5. A Huge Photo Gallery that carry messages of Kuvempu’s birth, life, literary services, Honorary awards etc. Photographs depicting the life of Kuvempu will be exhibited around the stalls near the Horticulture department cottage.

6. Dry land Horticulture The scanty levels and low rainfall has made the lives of farmers difficult. A ray of hope at such a daunting times has been dry land horticulture. A few crops can be grown by watering and nourishing them well initially and with less rainfall later too. Tamarind, Cashew, Sapota, Indian Bael, Custard apples, Jamun, etc., can be grown. The Horticultue Department would be providing useful information to agriculturists regarding farming methods, conservation of water and soil and several technologies to be adapted for farming.

7. Attractive fruits and vegetables Vegetables are as important as flowers. It would be a pleasure to any plant lover to see thousands of potted vegetable flowers. Amongst the other attractions, the arrangement of thousands of such potted vegetable flowers by renowned organisations like H.A.L, B.E.M.L., B.D.A., B.B.M.P., several private institutions and Lalbagh training centre would be this year’s main attraction.

8. Plant fair for plant lovers In the interest of the exhibition goers, plant lovers and interested agriculturists, medicinal plants, decorative plants, commercial flowers, fruits, plantation, manure, medicines, other accessories, containers, Bonsai plants, gardening equipment, etc. will be displayed under one roof, by several reputed companies, planters.

9. A Platform for music lovers For the first time ever, a 40×30 feet musical stage has been set-up in the lawn behind the stall area in association with Lalbagh’s bandstand and music and poetry lovers to present Kuvempu’s songs and plays. Department of Kannada and Culture would be organising programmes that include singing Kuvempu’s Songs and dramas starting from 04.08.2017 to 15.08.2017 between 4pm and 7pm everyday. Mandya’s Prof. Jaya Prakash Gowda art team would perform Kuvempu’s drama as well. On the same platform, Kannada Development Authority has arranged a separate poetry concert including senior poets. Under the leadership of Mr. Niranjan, the talented artists of The Lion’s Club, Bengaluru would be conducting music programmes related to literature of Kuvempu and other poets.

10. Lalbagh theatre programmes The Flower exhibition, opinions of the flower lovers and Elite people will be telecasted live everyday by FM Radio 91.1 at the theatre that is in heart of Lalbagh. There will be a programme on Radio city channel by talented artists on Kuvempu and other patriotic songs on the 15th August 2017.

11. Unveiling the Floral replica of National brotherhood
On behalf of Dairy Day institution, the lawn around the theatre will be decorated with selective flowers to exhibit national unity and integrity with the following replicas of
A) Jai jawan Jai Kisaan
B) Unity is strength
C) Replica of National Emblem
D) 71st Independence day Celebration

12. Sale of Kuvempu’s books The Raashtrakavi Kuvempu Pratishtana, has made arrangements to sell books authored by Kuvempu, published by the Pratishtana, at discounted prices.

13. Bengaluru Then and Now The Department of Information and Broadcast will be hoarding a Huge exhibition of many more rare photographs of Traditional Bengaluru to Modern Bengaluru.

Security and improvement Measures for this Independence Day Flower Show.

Lalbagh being a world renowned Botanical Garden, it attracts thousands of tourists everyday. The tourist destinations and rare flora has been a study centre for Botanists, Students and Tourists. Conservation and protection of such a Botanical Garden should become our foremost duty. Wanderers, tourists and vehicles into the Lalbagh Garden have increased day by day, hence the pressure of security at Lalbagh has also increased. Keeping these elements, hygine in mind and to create clean environment around, few effective measures have been taken. They are as follows.

1. Vehicle Entry and Parking
• Public vehicles are not allowed inside Lalbagh during
the show from any of the four entry gates. • Only school buses & vehicles of differently-abled people are allowed through Lalbagh’sDouble Road entrance, which can enter and be parked at the left parking area of the boulder. • Visitors to the show are requested to park their vehicles at the multi-storey car park (parking Building) at Shantinagar Bus Stand complex. • Visitors coming from J.C. Road can park their vehicles at the B.B.M.P. multi-storey car park (near Mayura Restaurant), J.C. Road. • Parking facility for two wheelers has been arranged at Al-Ameen’ College grounds located between Lalbagh Main Gate and Double Road Entrance. • Namma Metro’ rail facility is now easily available to reach the Lalbagh West Gate entrance, which has an adjacent Metro station. Audience are requested to make use of this facility.

2. Cloak Room Facility at the entrance of Lalbagh • Cloak room facility has been made available near all the four entrances by the Lion’s Club Bengaluru and Kings Organisation. Visitors are requested to follow the below mentioned measures.
• Avoid wearing jewellery orcarry valuables, during
their visit to the show.
• Keep your luggage in the cloakrooms located near
• Carrying bags and luggage inside Lalbagh is prohibited. However Mobile phones and Cameras are allowed.

3. Mobiles & cameras are allowed. Tourists can use the cameras in all the premises of Lalbagh including Glass House.

4. Plastic usage either by sellers or by public is strictly prohibited inside Lalbagh.

5. Special entry for school students • Except on dates 5, 6, 12, 13, 15, free entry for school students on dates 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 &14 August, 2017 from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. • School buses & any other vehicles belonging to educational institutions should enter through Lal Bagh Double Road entrance (Gate no.2), which can be parked near Dr. M.H. Marigowda Memorial Hall & should exit through the same gate.

6. Food Court Facility • Public and tourists coming to witness the Flower Show are requested to feed the children at home itself
• Arrangements have been made to sell the following food items and beverages at HOPCOMS stall, inside Lalbagh at strategic points.
1. Fruit Salad 3. Dry Fruits
2. Grape/Mango Juice 4. Drinking water
5. Normal food courts will be set up inside Lalbagh during the show including Hopcoms.

7. We make an appeal to all visitors, shop keepers and those manning the stalls that are part of the show to extend their full cooperation to make Lalbagh a plastic free zone. Any shops and sellers who are found using plastic will be penalized. Wet and dry dust bins will be placed at appropriate places. Green Regiment organization is assisting us in a unique way by deputing more than 50 Volunteers to keep Lalbagh free from plastic. Lion’s Club is also providing volunteers for the same.

• Audience is requested to co-operate.

Special Concession: With a view to inspire children and kindle their interest in horticulture, all school children will be allowed “Free of Charge” on 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th & 14th August, 2017 between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Schedule of Events

01.08.2017: A drawing competition for Middle & High School was conducted at the Dr. M. H. Marigowda Hall, Lalbagh.

4th August, 2017 at 11 am: Inauguration of Horticulture Show at Glass House, Lalbagh. Inauguration of Indian Floral Art Vegetable Carving and Bonsai Exhibition at Dr. M. H. Marigowda Memorial Hall, Lalbagh, Bengaluru, at 2 pm on August 5, 2017.

14th Aug 2017 – 2 pm Prize Distribution Ceremony: Distribution of prizes to the winners of various competitions such as Flower Garden, Terrace Garden, Glass House Exhibits, Ikebana, Vegetable Carving, Thai Art, Jannur, Bonsai, Floral Rangoli, at Dr. M. H. Marigowda Memorial Hall, Lalbagh, Bengaluru.

Special Features outside the Glasshouse

In addition to Glasshouse, the show will feature several other attractions to de-congest the visitors at Rose Garden.

Meeting the nursery needs of plant lovers The show features hundreds of technical stalls and specialized nurseries where plant lovers can purchase their requirements of manure, seeds, pesticides, plants, pots and other materials.

Mega-Floral Flow: Huge floral cascades will be created using gorgeous Petonia flowers on the lawns outside the Glasshouse. They are expected to be among the major attractions of the show.

Floral Peacock (India’s National Bird): A floral peacock created from beautiful flowers is among the fascinating features ofthe show.

Band Stand Programmes Various cultural programmes by renowned artists will be held by the Dept. of Kannada and Culture on all the days of the show.

General information and instructions to visitors
1. Visitors are requested not to bring any food packets and not to litter inside Lalbagh. Garbage bins have been placed at all strategic points and public are requested to drop their waste in these bins only.
2. Entry tickets will be sold at all entry points from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm.
3. Sale of tickets will close at 6.30 pm.
4. Entry to Glasshouse will close at 7.00 pm.
5. Cameras and other electronic goods will be screened as a security measure, at the entry points. Visitors are requested to co-operate.
6. All walkers are requested to park their vehicles during the show period ( from 04-08-2017 to 15-08-2017) outside Lalbagh. Please note that vehilce parking will not be allowed near Double Road Gate inner parking area and at the main entrance.
7. For security reasons all visitors will be screened at entry points. Visitors are requested to co-operate.
8. At all entrances of the Glass House and in 100 important places of Lalbagh, close circuit cameras are placed at strategic points, as a security measure.
9. Extra police force, home guards and internal security guards will be deployed as additional security measure.
10. Any suspicious person will be questioned and examined.
11. Visitors are requested to purchase plants, seeds, seedlings, etc. from the outdoor stalls put up near the Horticultural Information Centre.

Flower Show – Entrance Fee (from 14-08-2017 to 15-08-2017)
4, 7, 8, 9, Normal Days 10, 11 & 14th Aug, 2017
Adults: Rs.50/-
Children Rs20/-

Holidays and a day before holidays 5, 6, 12, 13 & 15 Aug, 2017
Adults 60/-
Children 20/-

Independence Day Flower Show from 4th to 15th August 2017

Glass House,

Photo gallery updated:

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