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Telefon Tel Aviv at The Humming Tree.

September 6, 2017

Telefon Tel Aviv at The Humming Tree
Supporting act by Aqua Dominatrix & Ape Machines

Headlining Act:
Telefon Tel Aviv:
Telefon Tel Aviv is the musical project of Joshua Eustis, who is trying very hard to make music as a way to sweat out all the nasty things. Formed in 1999, Telefon Tel Aviv started off as an experimental electronic duo by two New Orleans high school friends, Joshua and Charles Cooper. The duo was responsible for one of the noughties’ most memorable albums with the classic debut ‘Fahrenheit Fair Enough’ on the Chicago-based Hefty Records in 2001, surged with intricate electro-rhythms, shimmering guitars and warm analog instrumentation. Telefon Tel Aviv’s tracks are delightfully subtle – lulling sounds combined at times with heavy synth that reflects their emotions in a way that exposes their mastery of ambient electronic music.

With the release of ‘Immolate Yourself’ in 2009, they had three critically acclaimed albums under their belt. However, following the untimely death of Cooper, Joshua let IDM pioneers Telefon Tel Aviv drift into hiatus. In the later years, Eustis served as a touring member for Nine Inch Nails and collaborated heavily with Maynard James Keenan’s solo project, Puscifer. In 2014, he released a solo album on Audraglint Recordings as Sons of Magdalene called Move to Pain. Eustis decided to revive the Telefon Tel Aviv alias in 2016, which coincided with the reissue of their debut album on Ghostly and went on to do live shows and tours starting April 2016. Evidently, Telefon Tel Aviv’s soaring, melodic brand of electro is created with painstaking precision and a deep love of music

Supporting Acts:
Aqua Dominatrix:
Aqua Dominatrix is producer Akshay Rajpurohit’s pseudonym for an electronic avatar comprising of free floating Synth-Pop, verging on Techno. Akshay is also a part of popular metal bands Scribe and Pangea. Aqua Dominatrix sees him leap out of his comfort zone into a world of analog synthesis.

After the debut release of a 12-track album ‘Sadomist’, he played his first gig at MTV Spiro, opening for Pretty Lights in Mumbai, 2015. Aqua Dominatrix released his second Album ‘Overthrowing Magnus’ in October 2016 and toured 3 cities in India with massive turnouts. Aqua Dominatrix’s live performances range from nu-disco infused synthpop to dark techno and acid.

Ape Machines:
Ape Machines is the frankensteinian brainchild of Bombay-based producers and multi-instrumentalists, Nirmit Shah and Sid Shirodkar. Alternately moving through territories influenced by crossover-jazz, electronica, noise, hip-hop, prog-rock, funk, and soul, Ape Machines forms a sonically and emotionally varied palette. The producer pair frequently combine traditional

Acoustic and electronic instrumentation with more raw or experimental elements, weaving together an immersive musical narrative.After forming in early 2016, the pair was soon joined by drummer Sahil Shah. The duo is now often accompanied by multiple sessions musicians for their live shows. They plan on releasing their debut EP, ‘Ape Machines’, in August 2017.

The Humming Tree
The Humming Tree is an arts, music and performance space in Bangalore, India, open since June 2013. At the present moment, along with major international artists who are touring with us, we’re curating 25+ programmes a month including fantastic music gigs, fun workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, cultural performances, theatre, spoken word poetry, reading and storytelling sessions and other educational gatherings. We aim at providing a platform for the different arts, keeping in mind the beautifully varied resources and audiences we have access to. In addition to the performance venue, we run a fresh, unique kitchen and bar service.

Saturday | 9th September 2017 | 8.30 PM

The Humming Tree
# 949, 3rd Floor & Rooftop,
12th Main Road,
Bengaluru – 560038.

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