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Tuktuk’s World’ an exhibition of cartoons by Shreyas Navare

September 6, 2017

Indian Institute of Cartoonists presents Tuktuk’s World’ an exhibition of cartoons by Shreyas Navare

About Shreyas Navare
Shreyas Navare is the Founder & CEO. LEGENDE and Editorial Cartoonist for the Hindustan Times. one of India’s largest English newspapers. He is a Harvard WCFIA Fellow on international affairs and has published two books of cartoons: The Politickle Pickle (Vol. 1 & 2. HarperCollins). The first book. with a foreword by the 11′” President of India. was launched by Mrs. and Mr. P. K. Laxman in 2013.

On behalf of HT. Shreyas has traveled extensively to cover major elections, including the 2012 and 2016 US Presidential elections. His artworks have been displayed at several solo exhibitions in India. Thailand and the United States. Shreyas holds an MBA from the Indian Institute of Technology – Bombay and has worked in consulting. marketing. banking and technology. He currently serves on the board of Arts Connect International and is also a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists.

About Tuktuk
Tuktuk. the girl-child. who appears in Shreyas Navare’s cartoons. is a symbol of hope and endless optimism. She also represents the citizens’ right to question the powers-that-be in a democracy. You will find her boldly asking questions to everyone. from the local police constable wielding his stick on a street corner to the country’s Prime Minister (wielding a broom!)

Giving Tuktuk company in the cartoons are two other characters: Zero the donkey (representing our conscience) and Infinity the robot (a metaphor for the boundless possibilities that humanity is capable of achieving through imagination and innovation).

Together. this trio sheds a unique. satirical perspective on the issues of the day. in our seemingly unending journey towards a better tomorrow!

Tuktuk’s World on view from 9th to 23rd September 2017

Indian Cartoon Gallery,
No. 1, Midford House, Midford Gardens,
Off M G Road, near Big Kids Kemp,
Trinity Circle,
Bengaluru – 560001.

Directions to the Venue :

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