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SAADHANE – Kathak Concert by Vishruthi K Acharya

September 7, 2017

Abhinava Dance Company and Kalmanje Hari Achar’s Family presents SAADHANE – Kathak Concert by Vishruthi K Acharya.

“ Indian Art is Spiritual Realisation “ says the eminent scholar Ananda Coomaraswamy. To realise this, one has to go through a Process and that process is called “SAADHANE” (in Kannada)

After 12 years of training, our student Vishruthi.K Acharya, Disciple of Smt.Nirupama Rajendra adn Sri. T.D Rajendra of Abhinava Dance Company will be presenting a full fledged Kathak concert accompanied by great music ensemble

Saturday | 9th September 2017 | 6.30 PM

Dr. Premchandra Sagar Auditorium
Dayananda Sagar Institutions,
Kumaraswamy Layout,
Bengaluru 560 078.

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