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Unscene Metal/Indie Ed. 9 at The Humming Tree.

September 11, 2017

Unscene Metal/Indie Ed. 9 at The Humming Tree

The 9th Edition of Unscene is a mixture of its usual with something different. Both days, of course, stick to Unscene’s goal of bringing excellent music to the fore! Day 1 continues the Unscene tradtition of being devoted to Metal and features the much-clamoured for but not often-heard Bhoomi from Bangalore and groovy death metal veterans from Mumbai, Atmosfear – 2 bands known for their socially relevant content delivered in their inimitable hard-hitting style. Day 2, in a departure from earlier editions, is a collaborative effort with Bluetree in bringing to Bengaluru the formidable talents of Internationally acclaimed drummer Marco Minneman, bassist Mohini Dey and guitarist Ridu Shaw.

Unscene/Metal (Sep. 14th): 9.00 PM

Tickets online: Rs. 320/- INCLUSIVE of GST Tickets at gate: Rs. 500/- INCLUSIVE of Rs. 300/- cover. Tickets:

With their roots firmly entrenched in the classic metal of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Queensryche and other seminal hard rock and metal bands of the 80’s, Bhoomi are arguably one of the finest exponents of pure, melodic metal anyone is likely to find. Using traditional hard rock and metal as their base, Bhoomi stand out from the crowd with their unique incorporation of three way vocal harmonies into their music, which instantly gives them an identity and sound that is all their own. Another aspect of the band that has further endeared them to their fans is their lyrical stance,which rages against corruption and champions the cause of the common man.

Numerous personnel changes and the tragic demise of a band member, Vincent “The Beast” Pereira, over the course of 11 years of existence have scarred but not beaten Mumbai’s Groove/Death Metal band, Atmosfear. Now a trio, the band has lost nothing of its conviction and energy as it continues to belt out songs of social justice and the ills that beset us. Atmosfear has captured all of that in its new album.

Unscene/Indie (Sep. 15th): BlueTree Collab w/ Unscene ft. Marco, Mohini, & Rhythm: 9.00 PM

Entry: Rs. 1000 Tickets:

Unscene is a simple attempt to push a wider array of Indie music bands than the very familiar, and often repeated. Unscene is a gig series that also exists to keep live metal music alive with each session being carefully curated and put-together by the founders and promoters of the property. Having begun with monthly back-to-back Metal and Indie music nights with gate collection being the only form of revenue, and with faith and support from The Humming Tree, we’re thrilled to be co-hosting Marco Minnemann, Mohini dey, and Rhythm Shaw on the Bangalore leg of this massive BlueTree Collab session.

BlueTree COLLAB is our take at throwing something unique in the scene . As the word suggests we have 3 different musicians making their individual music collabrating together for something we assume to be fresh and a lot of fun. This editon we have the amazing Marco Minnemann playing alongside Ridu Shaw and Mohini Dey .

Marco Minnemann
Born December 24, 1970, Marco Minnemann is a German drummer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. He is known for developing a very advanced drum technique called interdependence allowing him to play various patterns with each of his feet or hands, and has published several instructional books describing this concept. Since 2011 he has been a member of Steven Wilson’s studio band and, on occasion, his touring band as well. He is a member of the rock group The Aristocrats and has performed with Joe Satriani since 2013

Rhythm Shaw
A 21 year old guitarist who, hailed as a child prodigy at the age of 8, garnered substantial national television coverage, as well as phenomenal feedback from his audiences through his school and college years. A single-minded artist, aiming to perpetually progress his skills, he has since been practicing on the guitar upwards of 14 hours a day.

Mohini dey
Mohini Dey, daughter of bass player Sujoy dey, has been described as prodigy by many acclaimed musicians. Mohini dey has been already making waves in music..she started learning bass guitar at the tender age of 3 and never looked back since having worked with people like Ranjit Barot, AR Rehman and Steve Vai.

The Humming Tree The Humming Tree is an arts, music and performance space in Bangalore, India, open since June 2013. At the present moment, along with major international artists who are touring with us, we’re curating 25+ programmes a month including fantastic music gigs, fun workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, cultural performances, theatre, spoken word poetry, reading and storytelling sessions and other educational gatherings. We aim at providing a platform for the different arts, keeping in mind the beautifully varied resources and audiences we have access to. In addition to the performance venue, we run a fresh, unique kitchen and bar service.

Thursday & Friday, 14th & 15th September 2017 | 9:00 PM

The Humming Tree
#949, 3rd Floor & Rooftop,
12th Main Road,
Bengaluru – 560038.

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