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LifeBlueprint workshop

December 7, 2017

Atta Galatta presents LifeBlueprint workshop

LifeBlueprint is a structured life development program to put mind, heart, and soul back into your life. It is a self-introspective personal development journey to help every individual break wrong belief systems, define a vision for all categories of life, and an action plan to create an extraordinarily happy life. We created LifeBlueprint because we wanted to break life myths that generally people have adopted without questioning as we strongly believe that these myths are the reasons behind many unhappy lives we see around us. LifeBlueprint is an opportunity to delve deeper to understand the mental and emotional blocks that are stopping you from creating and living a happier and fulfilling life and a structured process to design the life that is truly yours in every possible sense of it.

Explore your life in three simple steps:
1- Assess your present life to find out why is it not balanced
2- Uncover your personal myths to find out what’s stopping you from living a happier life
3- Discover how you want your future to be, and a simple 4 step process to create an extraordinary life

Step 1: Assess your life through self-introspective and creative exercises based on Positive Psychology to assess your present, and to imagine your future
Experience 3 self-assessments to know where you are in life right now in terms of 12 life aspects, and where do you want to be in future on those parameters. These assessments are eye-opening and would give you an objective and a subjective perspective of your life. With that, you will learn practical techniques to bridge these gaps.

Step 2: Learn to view your life from a macro perspective to understand the 12 life categories you need to focus on to design an extraordinary life
Here we will tell you about 12 of your life aspects where you need to focus on to create an extraordinary life. This program starts by broadening your vision from the narrow rules of success our broken education system ingrained into us to the broader 12 categories LifeBlueprint view. You learn about each category and the impact it has on your life in a very practical way.

Step 3: Experience a power-packed myth-breaking session in health and fitness and relationship category to understand why you are not able to achieve happiness abundance in life
Experience your wrong belief systems that are stopping you from achieving abundance in your life. These techniques are based on Positive Psychology to help you design a beautiful happy life.

Step 4: Create new habits and take action by learning a simple life hack that will help you stick to your goals.
The workshop will help you build the habits of self-reflection, daily learning, and commitment to your dreams. This is where breakthroughs start to happen when you learn and experience a simple but a major perspective shift that will change the way you set your goals and take daily decisions.


Who will conduct LifeBlueprint workshop?
Baldeeep Kaur is the brain, soul, and heart behind LifeBlueprint. She has helped hundreds of people around the globe to create their own LifeBlueprint, their own life navigation guide, using Positive Psychology and path-breaking myth-breaking sessions. She believes in creating lifelong positive transformations by breaking the old inherited belief systems that are stopping people from living the life they truly deserve. Join her at this LifeBlueprint Quest to take control of your life back in your hands.

Baldeep Kaur is the Founder of Inspiring Evolution & PathFinder where revolutionary life programs are taught to people all over the globe. She has a Master’s degree in Psychology and is a certified Positive Psychology coach.

How to register:
It is a free workshop.

Here’s everything you get when you register:
Access to the LifeBlueprint workshop
A free e-book written by Baldeep on how to adopt gratitude at work

Sunday | 10th December 2017 | 11:00 AM

Atta Galatta,
#134, KHB Colony,
5th Block, Koramangala,
Bengaluru 560 095

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